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Partners in Wellness: THANK YOU – Yes, You are Appreciated (Part 1)

THANK YOUTHANK YOU!:) Two simple words that often go unsaid. I want you to know how much I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog!

I wonder what brought you here today? I wonder if you will find what you may be looking for…comfort, encouragement, help, understanding, relief, acknowledgment, appreciation?! Caregivers and partners in wellness need all those things.

(Please read on and stay tuned for part two!)

Givers and healthy partners usually have to take one or more for the team, and often! This can be exhausting and draining emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Are you feeling tired? How can you fight fatigue?

Do You need a Warm, Fuzzy Blanket?

Let me take this opportunity to acknowledge you and say your job is not a thankless one! Your self-sacrificing efforts to help the person or persons in your life in need, which make you an example of love.

We all need a loving example to brighten and refresh our day. In a world that can be very cold and bitter, you, the caregiver and partner, are the warm, fuzzy blanket to snuggle for security!:) All of this might make you feel unappreciated, however, so let me THANK YOU and make that heartfelt expression for those in your life who think it, feel it, but don’t say it.

APPRECIATION. Why can it be so hard to express?? Are we too busy?! Are we un-thankful?!

Please notice this quote by Voltaire:

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”

A wonderful thing. YES, you have a wonderful thing to share – APPRECIATION! As a caregiver and partner, can you personally express appreciation more freely to those close to you; those in your care? If we want to hear “thank you” for what we do well, we must readily say it. If we want our loved ones to acknowledge our efforts, we must readily do the same for them.

When we strive to look for the good in others and focus on the outstanding qualities that drew us to them in the first place, we don’t lose appreciation – we keep it growing and foster love. We continue to put up with one another and forgive, even though it’s not easy. We continue to learn from one another and our love expands.

As caregiver, partner, mother and friend, I know I need forgiveness for my mistakes! Logic and emotions tell me that therefore, I should be willing to forgive. Looking beyond the obvious flaw and seeing/appreciating true beauty within is worth it! Excellence…it does exist!

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Partners in Wellness: THANK YOU – Yes, You are Appreciated (Part 1)

Joan Winifred

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