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Partners in Wellness: RESOLVE To Never Give Up


RESOLVE. I like that word! How about you?

Resolve: “To make a firm and definite decision about something.” “Determination.” “When you resolve to do something, you anticipate success, and are determined to accomplish it.” Resolve, now that’s a positive attitude worth cultivating!

The right attitude can and often does make just the right difference in a wrong situation. Do you have resolve? Think deeply about what areas in your life would benefit by resolve. When you have resolve, you don’t waver. PLEASE, don’t waver in your commitment to care for your loved one who needs you!

Without resolve we flounder. With resolve we flourish! We become steadfast and consistent in our efforts…striving to “solve” or clear up a problem within our realm of control. With Resolve —


Living Life like a Rube Goldberg Machine invention?

Have you heard of Rube Goldberg? He was an inventor, sculptor, author, engineer, cartoonist. Obviously, he wore many hats well. As Caregivers and Wellness Partners, we are called upon to wear many hats. Which hat are you wearing right now? Which one do you like best?

“A “Rube Goldberg Machine” is an extremely complicated device that executes a very simple task in a complex, indirect way.”
“Rube Goldberg believed people preferred a more difficult route instead of completing a goal directly and simply.”
“As he said, “the machines are a symbol of man’s capacity for exerting maximum effort to achieve minimal results.”

Is that what we do as caregivers?! Are we unnecessarily over-complicating our lives and those of our loved ones?! Are we working together efficiently or making easy things difficult?

…At times, our resolve may require our own Rube Goldberg Machine invention to accomplish certain goals within the care-giving setting. Other times, resolve may mean recognizing the need to simplify and delegate. Honest evaluation of our personal circumstances, strengths, limitations and attainable/realistic goals can help us determine and discern which course to take…the simple, direct route or the more complex, scenic one?

Partners in wellness may have to go that extra mile when nobody else will or can! Caregivers can get overwhelmed by the many daily tasks they must accomplish to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Is that how you feel?

As the following video illustrates,”this too shall pass” and “you know you can’t keep letting it get you down.” Please check it out. It brought me a smile and I hope it does the same for you! Your resolve should be commended and encouraged! Way to go and keep it up!

Those who take time and effort to truly care and are determined to give of themselves are a modern marvel to behold like this cool video! In the words of funny man Billy Crystal: “You look marvelous!”

YouTube “This Too Shall Pass”:

Here’s my Top 3 R’s:

1. RESOLVE: Not to linger in the rearview mirror too long. Could miss seeing what’s in front of me and crash! Appreciate current, present blessings…what’s going well right now.
2. RESOLVE: Simplify & prioritize caregiving & daily responsibilities. Delegate & don’t waste time! Only make a Rube Goldberg machine IF really necessary.
3. RESOLVE: Pursue, promote and make peace with myself & others! When I’m at peace, I find satisfaction and joy! Peace is knowing I tried my best today! 
Don’t we all feel better with a little R & R…RESOLVE & REST!:)

Resolute man photo available from Shutterstock

Partners in Wellness: RESOLVE To Never Give Up

Joan Winifred

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