Business. A chalk board with word like and handWhat have you learned this past month of July? Nothing?! No way – YES, you have learned something! Something of value – “relative worth, merit or importance, monetary or material worth.”  When we learn, we add to our wealth – our wealth of wisdom.

Did You like what you learned?

“For wisdom is for a protection [the same as] money is for a protection; but the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom itself preserves alive its owners.”

Wisdom is the ability to use what you have learned in a practical way that can safeguard you and those you love from harm or foolish, stupid risks! As Caregivers, partners, friends, family, individuals, bloggers and readers, we all need protection from one harmful thing or another. We all want to feel safe and secure!

Do you feel safe? Do you feel secure? Wisdom can give us a safe haven. I’m hoping you, your family and friends have such a haven. I hope you will gain some practical insight and wisdom to help you each day. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me share with you what I have learned! Thanks for commenting, and please share what you have learned. Let’s not be stingy, but spread our wealth around — Wisdom!

Some people like to count their money; they want an accurate inventory of what they have. We all spend and want our correct change. We need to know what funds we have to work with. So let’s count our wealth — the wisdom we gained. What have we learned here at Partners in Wellness in July?!

sidewalk  wisdomPartners in Wellness QUICK REVIEW:

I think we did a GREAT JOB “LEARNING LESSONS in JULY“!!  What will we do with what we know now?? Will we share our wealth (knowledge/wisdom)?!  What will we learn together in August?!

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