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I Need You: Accepting and Giving “HELP!” as a Caregiver and Partner

HELP: a universal commonality. We all need help in one form or another. One thing I’ve learned since my husband’s diagnosis in 2003: the more you know about your loved one’s illness, the better you can understand and the better you can help.

I hope the following NAMI Family-to-Family Video Tribute offers you and your family help and a resource. Many families are in an SOS state and knowing your family is not alone “helps”! For Caregivers and partners, trying to help a loved one dealing with an acute illness can be pretty scary. Without any education or knowing exactly what you’re dealing with, it’s intimidating.

The unknown is frightening…the known conquerable! Don’t be conquered by fear. Face it and defeat it with accurate knowledge. Accurate knowledge can “help” you and your family make better decisions. Better decisions lead to better consequences and outcomes both short-term and long.

(See on YouTube:

Do you need an Oasis? A “place or time of relief: a place or period that gives relief from a troubling or chaotic situation”? I know I need one. The right peer support and right education can be like an oasis to families in crisis. Families facing a storm need shelter. Do you have adequate shelter? “Those walking with wise persons become wise.”

Here’s an interesting thought/quote:

“Too much good fortune can make you smug and unaware. Happiness should  be like an oasis, the greener for the desert that surrounds it.”

 Pray For Rain!
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Rain. Do you like rain? If you had to choose between a rainy day or a sunny day, which one would you choose? Some would chose sunshine over rain any day. But what does too much sun do? Things wither and die with too much sun.

My family heard this encouraging illustration about the rain (or trials) in our life/family…with rain the flowers, trees, plants, and fruit grow. Rain is a requirement for growth. Without rain/precipitation, nothing grows or lives. Please, try looking at the trial/s your family is facing as a growing period. With time and patience, beautiful flowers may blossom!purple amongst the yellow

Thank you for helping your loved one today! Thank you for helping anyone today! Keep growing; it’s raining and we all need an umbrella. Depending on the size of your family, you may need a BIG umbrella!

Would you want to be known or remembered as smug and unaware or humble and helpful? Humility is a quality that helps us learn new things. It helps us to grow in awareness of ourselves and others. If we are know-it-alls, we may not seek the help or support we really need. HELP…”I need somebody, not just anybody…”

Humility helps us accept help. Humility helps us give help with the right motive! Just please be careful from whom you seek help…make sure they have no hidden or selfish agendas.

Let’s HELP one another “get our feet back on the ground!” “Won’t YOU PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME?!” THANKS, I really needed your help!

Creative Commons License photo credit: mcfcrandall

I Need You: Accepting and Giving “HELP!” as a Caregiver and Partner

Joan Winifred

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