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Boost Your Brain Power – Chew Gum!

chewing gum Do you chew gum? What is your favorite flavor? Do you like sugarless? (Better for your teeth, right?) I recently read an article in Time healthland on-line about the benefits of gum chewing and boosting brain power.

Does your brain need a boost? Mine does – pass the gum, please! Make mine Bubblicious. Yum!

As a kid, I loved chewing gum and blowing huge bubbles. (Well, until I got gum stuck in my hair.) Wasn’t gum chewing discouraged as a bad habit years ago? In elementary school, gum was under a ban. Of course, some would sneak it in.

Did you ever get in trouble for chewing gum?  If we only knew then what we know now…

A study at the University of Northumbria found that chewing gum offers more benefits than just sweetening your breath. What are the benefits? The study suggests it’s “thinking, memory and other cognitive tasks.

Says scientist Andrew Scholey:

“Insulin mops up glucose in the bloodstream and chewing causes the release of insulin, because the body is expecting food. If insulin receptors in the brain are involved in memory, we may have an insulin-mediated mechanism explaining our findings – but that is very, very speculative….One interesting thing we saw in our study was that chewing increased heart rate. Anything that improves delivery of things like oxygen in the brain, such as an increased heart rate, is a potential cognitive enhancer to some degree.”

As Caregivers and Wellness Partners, do we need to enhance mental performance?! Sure we do! Is chewing gum (“Mastication-induced arousal”) a quick fix? Maybe it is! Can’t we use a potential brain-power edge to help cope with tests, big and small, faced by our loved ones living with mental illnesses?

I like simple solutions to complicated problems. Just because something seems simple on the surface doesn’t mean it doesn’t run deep. Genius can be found in simplicity…that’s what I think. What do you think? With the growing body of research on gum chewing, would you consider chomping some gum to boost your brain and/or mood? As Caregiver and partner, would you pass out gum to someone or your loved one in need?

It’s easy to feel burned out or brainfried after a long day of care-giving, working, etc.! It’s been a long day for me, how about for you?  Please, give me some gum, and quick, before I fade. Thanks….>>>>POP!<<<<

I would encourage you to do your own research on this fun topic before you start chomping away. Last thing I want you to get is a cavity! So, you can check out the following if you choose:

PLEASE take the following Fun Survey: (Copy and paste the questions in the comment box below.)

1Bubble Gum Machine. Do you chew gum?

2. Do you prefer sugarfree?

3. Are You a Partner who chews gum?

4. Are You a Caregiver who chews gum?

5. What is your favorite flavor?

6. Have you noticed any benefits from gum chewing?

7. After reading this blog, did you chew a piece of gum?

THANKS for chewing gum responsibly. You know, not swallowing it or sticking your gum under your partner’s desk…

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Martin LaBar (going on hiatus)
Martin LaBar (going on hiatus)


Boost Your Brain Power – Chew Gum!

Joan Winifred

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