Bloomsbury FOTSN May22nd: Colin Juggles #2 Do you have a tendency to worry? I do. As Caregivers and partners, we have a lot on our plate and therefore, a lot to worry about. How does one juggle (“hold, catch, carry, or balance precariously”) it all?!

With lots of skill and practice and continually picking up dropped balls.


Juggling and worrying seem to go together well. Keeping props up in the air and moving harmoniously in time can be tricky, just like the juggling performance of the caregiver and partner.


Juggling it all and well takes quite a bit of self-control. Getting the mastery over self as Caregiver and partner is a work in progress. There are so many variables that pop up to threaten the balance of our daily juggling routine. Or one can look at these variables as opportunities to exercise and learn better self-control.

Part of the challenge is recognizing obstacles and threats in our path. Avoiding or overcoming obstacles and threats is critical to maintaining routine. Following a steady routine leads to progress in any endeavor. I’m sure you would agree – care-giving is a BIG ENDEAVOR!  Are you aware of obstacles in your care-giving and partner path? Have you personally explored and implemented any strategies to overcome them?


Organization is a key to better juggling!  “A structure through which individuals cooperate systematically,” an organization is a machine. Keeping things orderly and in the proper place and setting is essential.

Are you methodical? The saying goes, “slow and steady wins the race.” Sometimes, it certainly feels like a race against time constraints to manage tons of tasks. Keeping a family, household, work, relationships running well takes fine-tuning, precision, organization or…good juggling!

3 Balls to Juggle or 3 keys to Better Care-giving:




Creative Commons License photo credit: robin.hodson