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Archives for May, 2012


Losing Your Partner to Video Games?

Do you think the creator of the game "Angry Birds" ever imagined that the game would be so popular? Long gone are the days of having to put quarters in a arcade machine to have some fun. Nearly every imaginable game is at our fingertips with all of the phone, iPad, computer and handheld gaming devices available today.

For some people, the idea of a "gaming addiction" is a foreign one--unlike alcohol...
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New Study on Caregivers: Leisure Time = Less Heart Disease

Brent T. Mausbach of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California San Diego at La Jolla recently conducted a study that examined the levels of depression and stress in 116 elderly caregivers. These caregivers were specifically caring for partners with Alzheimer's disease, but the findings likely are generalizable to anyone who cares for a loved one.

Previous studies have shown a correlation between caregivers experiencing depression and an increased risk for heart disease.

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Eating Disorders

Is Your Partner At Risk for an Eating Disorder?

Awareness that eating disorders do not just affect teenaged, white females is growing. Your partner--male or female--may have struggled with an eating disorder as a young person, which puts them at risk for re-developing symptoms when faced with challenges as an adult. Or your partner may develop an eating disorder for the first time as an adult in an attempt to cope with something overwhelming, such as a traumatic...
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Anxiety and Panic

Buried By Your Loved One’s Possessions?

The saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure," is applicable to those who struggle with hoarding, a type of anxiety disorder that some professionals believe is correlated with obsessive compulsive disorder.

People who hoard are not lazy slobs who refuse to clean up after themselves, despite what it might seem like to others. To people who hoard, every item in their house (or car, or office, or other space) has a purpose...
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Anxiety and Panic

Tips for Helping Anxious Partners

If you have an anxious partner, you may find yourself repeating statements like the following:

"It's can do this."

"There's nothing to worry about."

"Relax--everything will work out in the end."

Or maybe you have given up on trying to reassure your partner that worrying is not helpful, and are now using statements such as:

"Enough already! Stop obsessing!"

"You are driving me crazy with your worries!"

"How old are you? Grow 's just a [snake, spider, dog, etc.]"

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Think Your Partner Has “Anger Management” Issues?

I remember being somewhat perplexed the first time I met with a client who said they were in my office because of needing "anger management skills." Of course, I'd heard of something like that, but realized specific skills for handling anger was not something that was covered in grad school.

Did my program have a gap in the curriculum? Was there some list somewhere of what exactly I should be teaching this client?

I consulted...
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Anxiety and Panic

The Costs of NOT Treating Mental Illness

It's no secret that health insurance is expensive, and paying for mental health services can be outrageous as well. When you and your partner have a large pile of bills to pay, it can make a difficult decision to forgo mental health appointments and psychiatric medications appear--on the surface--to be easier.
No money = No care, no meds. Period. End of story. Right?
Unfortunately, you and your partner may have already discovered...
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May is National Maternal Depression Month

Postpartum Support International has declared May to be National Maternal Depression Awareness Month. Has your partner or other loved one struggled with depression, either during pregnancy and/or right after giving birth?

Estimates are that 15-20% of women--that's 1 in 8--have depression either while pregnant or postpartum. Despite such high numbers, many women do not get treatment because they may feel guilty that they are not happy during what society...
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Anxiety and Panic

Partner Having a Panic Attack? Or Is It “Just” Crazy Worry?

One in four Americans have an anxiety disorder, and your partner may be one of them. Anxiety symptoms show up in a lot of different ways, and for the person experiencing them, they can be really unpleasant, to put it nicely.

Many people tolerate their anxiety for many years before something makes them decide enough is enough, and they make an appointment to see a doctor or therapist.

Clients will sometimes present to their doctor's...
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