The Best Way to Manage Anger in the Moment

Anger is a tough emotion. It feels so urgent and all-consuming. And we feel like we have to act on it. Right. Now.

And so, we do. We say something cruel or sarcastic. We yell. We slam doors. We become stone-cold silent and refuse to communicate. We replay the situation or interaction over and over. And we get madder and madder.


Self-Care Strategies for Super Busy Parents

Whether you work full time, stay at home with your kids, or do a combination of both, you're likely strapped for time. And that means that self-care might rarely make your schedule. After all, you're busy and maybe overwhelmed. Maybe you don't have extra (or any) childcare. Maybe you work a split shift, so after your kids go to bed, you're typing away on the computer, instead of caring for yourself.