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7 Tips for Reducing Your Guilt Around Food

When you feel guilty about eating certain foods, you assume that your guilt is accurate. You assume that yes, you're actually doing something wrong. Very wrong. And you feel terrible. You eat a cupcake or ice cream or French fries or a big bowl of pasta, and it feels like the end of the world. You're angry with yourself. You're disgusted. You keep replaying the moments before you reached for the food, and...


Is Your Best Leading to Burnout?

I recently came across a quote on Instagram that resonated with me: "Friendly reminder that 'doing your best' does not mean working yourself to the point of a mental breakdown." It resonated with me because often that's exactly what I do. Because if I have more to give, I think I must give it. I must give it everything I have. Everything. It's as though I'm a well, and I must empty myself of...


How to Deeply Nurture Yourself

Counseling psychologist Rosy Saenz-Sierzega, , works with many clients whose parents emotionally neglected them. Maybe they were struggling with substance abuse or bereavement or other issues that kept them preoccupied with themselves. Maybe they fought in front of their kids. Maybe they expected nothing short of perfection. Maybe they relied on their kids to care for them, and placed their own needs ahead of their kids.


Embracing Your Darker Side Using Play

You get jealous easily. You can be cynical and sarcastic, even with the people you love most. You can be petty and narrow-minded. You gossip. You say mean things you don't mean. Sometimes, the words just fly out. Sometimes, you try to control others. You can be judgmental and even unreasonable. You can be super sensitive. Sometimes, you feel as fragile as glass---any minute you might fall to the floor and shatter. You...

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It’s OK to Think Differently

It seems like everyone is talking or posting about "clean eating," meal plans, or eating "real food." Bread has become some terrible, horrible-for-you food, along with bagels, pasta, cake and cookies. People are now waiting to eat their favorite foods for their "cheat meal," which happens just once a week.