An Essential Strategy for Your Coping Toolkit

When you're in the thick of it, when you're struggling with sadness, when you yearn to try another diet, when you're angry with yourself for yet another mistake, when you feel like losing weight will fix everything, it's so hard to pull yourself out. Of course, acknowledging those feelings, accepting their presence and not judging yourself is foremost.

Body Image

9 Ways to Deeply Care for Yourself

Think of yourself as having two parts: One part is a child in need of nurturing; the other is a parent who has the privilege of caring for that child. It's a privilege to take seriously. And one way we take that privilege seriously is to practice self-care on a deeper level.


Practicing Self-Care On a Deeper Level

There are many ways to think of self-care, and many ways to practice it. But at its foundation self-care is noticing and attending to our needs and being kind to ourselves, according to Laura Torres, LPC, a holistic mental health counselor who specializes in self-care, self-compassion, anxiety, perfectionism, relationship issues and highly sensitive people.