How to Reduce the Power of Your Inner Critic

Whenever you try to do something challenging, it tells you precisely why you can't. Whenever you're tired, it tells you that you're lazy. Whenever you don't complete everything on your list, it tells you that you're a loser. When you can't figure something out, it tells you that you're stupid (and always have been). Whenever you receive negative feedback on a project, it tells you that you better just quit. You're not very smart or capable anyway.


3 Vital Questions to Explore Every Day

As you're going about your day, putting out fires at work and home, trying not to freak out over the latest headline, it's easy to spend your days unaware of what's happening inside your own mind and body. It's easy to overlook your physical sensations and thoughts. Because you're trying to keep moving and keep it all together. You're trying to check off essential tasks, raise your kids, and do a good job at your job.