Simple Strategies for Savoring and Surrendering to Sleep

For many of us sleep is hard to come up---especially if we're parents. Maybe you pull a split shift, and work late into the night. Maybe you clean your house and tackle other tasks. Maybe you like to zone out in front of the TV. Maybe your mind won't stop racing with all the things you still have to do. Maybe you use your phone to wind down, and find that you've been scrolling for an hour---or two.


6 Not-So-Simple But Significant Questions to Ask Ourselves

I regularly talk about the importance of being honest with ourselves. Because when we take the time (and proceed despite the discomfort) to acknowledge how we're doing, what we're feeling, and what is really going on inside our hearts, we can make wise, supportive decisions. We can take wise, supportive steps. We can meet our needs. We can ask others for what we need (instead of feeling resentful and acting in passive-aggressive ways).