Are You Seeking Self-Improvement at Your Own Expense?

Danielle LaPorte spent many years striving to improve herself, striving to grow spiritually. She’d seen a life coach, a creativity coach, a speaking coach and a business coach. She’d had astrology readings and tried hypnotherapy. She’d attended wellness workshops, subsisted on juice cleanses, taken various yoga classes, had support sessions with a shaman—and worked with other practitioners and spiritual teachers in her pursuit.

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Self-Care Varies Day to Day

A common definition of self-care is: engaging in activities that boost one's mental, physical and emotional well-being. It's also common for certain activities to be excluded from that definition---such as vegging out on the couch, and eating a slice of cake. Instead, people talk about "healthy eating" and exercise as self-care activities, while couch time and cake don't qualify.

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Body Image

What I’m Doing Instead of Worrying About Bikini Season

Around this time of the year, as temperatures rise, many of us start to panic. We start studying our bodies in the mirror. We start nitpicking and grabbing at our skin. We spend hours in fitting rooms without buying anything. We spend hours in our closets, flinging clothes, swimsuits, everything on the floor. We spend hours blaming our bodies. We yearn to go into hibernation until the fall. Sometimes, we cry.

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