3 Tried-and-True Techniques for Dealing with Worry

Worry has a way of clouding things, doesn't it? We think that by worrying, we're being diligent. We think that worrying protects us or that we're somehow anticipating or warding off a catastrophe. Or we think there's nothing we can do, and we are doomed. These kinds of thoughts paralyze us. They take us to a very dark place.

Thankfully, there are many things we can do about our worry---which revolve around writing. For instance,...
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Disordered Eating

Eating Disorder Signs, Support & Recovery: Q&A with Madeleine Wilson

Today, I'm honored to share my interview with Madeleine Wilson, an Eating Recovery Center alum. A senior in high school, Madeleine started struggling with an eating disorder her freshman year. What started as a "healthy" eating plan quickly turned into a full blown eating disorder. Below, Madeleine discusses her treatment and recovery, along with signs to watch out for and how loved ones can help---and...
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