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Is Your View of “Healthy” Too Narrow?

We tend to have a very narrow view of health---of what constitutes healthy and what being healthy consists of. We assume that eating "clean"---very little sugar, saturated fat, artificial ingredients, preservatives---and exercising most days of the week is the epitome of healthy.

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How to Support Yourself When Your Emotions Don’t

Our emotions are incredibly valuable. They are smart messengers because they provide us with all sorts of vital information. They tell us when we need to set a stronger boundary. They tell us when we need to make a change in our lives. They tell us what we want. And these insights are key to taking actions that support us, that foster our well-being.

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When You Can’t Stop Berating Yourself

You gained weight. Of course you did. You can't keep your mouth shut. You stuff yourself like the pig that you are.

You can never get everything done for the day. Other people do. But you're too slow, too lazy, too incompetent.

You can never get up early enough to exercise. You're exhausted, which clearly is an excuse. An awful excuse. Which is proof that you don't want to lose weight. Which is proof that...


When Busyness Rules Your Life

How are you? How are you doing? How's it going? How's your day? When someone asks you any of the above questions, do you blurt out some version of, "I'm busy. Very busy"? And does the other person normally say, "Ughhh. Me, too."

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