3 Tried-and-True Techniques for Dealing with Worry

Worry has a way of clouding things, doesn't it? We think that by worrying, we're being diligent. We think that worrying protects us or that we're somehow anticipating or warding off a catastrophe. Or we think there's nothing we can do, and we are doomed. These kinds of thoughts paralyze us. They take us to a very dark place.

Thankfully, there are many things we can do about our worry---which revolve around writing. For instance,...
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Disordered Eating

Eating Disorder Signs, Support & Recovery: Q&A with Madeleine Wilson

Today, I'm honored to share my interview with Madeleine Wilson, an Eating Recovery Center alum. A senior in high school, Madeleine started struggling with an eating disorder her freshman year. What started as a "healthy" eating plan quickly turned into a full blown eating disorder. Below, Madeleine discusses her treatment and recovery, along with signs to watch out for and how loved ones can help---and...
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What Brings You the Most Comfort?

There's a great quote in Elizabeth Berg's novel The Year of Pleasures,*: "The things that brought me the most comfort now were too small to list. Raspberries in cream. Sparrows with cocked heads. Shadows of bare limbs making for sidewalk filigrees. Roses past their prime with their petals loose about them. The shouts of children at play in the neighborhood, Ginger Rogers on the black-and-white screen.”

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