Eating Disorder Recovery: Q&A with Therese Borchard

Today, I’m happy to present an interview with Therese Borchard, who contributes regularly to Psych Central and has her own popular blog, Beyond Blue. There, she writes candidly and thoughtfully about her struggles with depression and anxiety. Her memoir "Beyond Blue: Surviving Depression & Anxiety and Making the Most of Bad Genes" will be released in January 2010.

Below, Therese talks about her eating disorder, recovery and what families can do to help a loved one.

1. How and when did your eating disorder...

Minding the Magazines: “Eat This, Not That” Gone Too Far?

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Welcome to Weightless

I'm very pleased to welcome you to Weightless, a blog about body image, the skinny fad and freedom from numbers.

Weightless is about well-being, not weight; about fostering body image, regardless of your size. It’s about exposing women’s magazines, other mediums and so-called experts, when...