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The Fear Of Swimsuit Season & Letting It Go

As swimsuit season arrives, so many of us sweat the small stuff. We take out the microscope or magnifying glass and fixate on our “flaws.” Or just throw our hands up in the air and decide that everything looks like a mess.

I’ve been there far too many times, and living in Florida, where essentially swimsuit season is 10 months out of the year, only made things tougher. Often, I avoided the beach and most activities requiring a bathing suit.

And if I didn’t avoid them then I spent a lot of days beforehand being nervous.

In our culture, swimsuit season isn’t something we gloss over. We know it’s coming.

Thanks to articles such as this one, we’re told to freak out about wearing a bathing suit – that some scary “countdown” has begun and we should “panic.”

And suddenly any shred of positive body image starts to slip, and body anxiety takes over.

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The Fear Of Swimsuit Season & Letting It Go

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  1. I love inspirational posts like this, and it’s especially fitting because I’m going to the beach in two weeks. Thank you for the reminder that my vacation is a time to be carefree, not a time to obsess over my body in a bathing suit.

    • Thanks, Katie! I definitely need the reminder myself. 🙂

      @ Kate, first congrats on being in recovery! It’s amazing what happens when we stop focusing on the outside and just enjoy ourselves.

  2. I actually wrote a post on this awhile back…i’ve been to the beach once this summer so far, and had an amazing time experiencing it in my new eating disorder recovery state of mind and body.

  3. “But here’s the thing: In the midst of being nervous about my body and wanting to make some good impression (on whom? I don’t know), I no doubt missed a lot of fun – and most importantly, carefree – days in the sun.”

    Ahh! That is SO TRUE. It’s something I’m just now realizing for myself, but WOW, once I finally have started realizing it, the things that have changed… I am by no means immune to the stress of bikini season (or any other (half) naked season, for that matter), but slowly but surely I am learning how much more fun it is to enjoy the event than to obsess over a stretch mark or dimple.

    • @ Alicia, same here. It’s something I remind myself of regularly, but it’s a critical realization. Thanks for your comment! 🙂


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