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What Body Acceptance Is and What It Isn’t: Q&A with Anna Guest-Jelley

For you body acceptance might feel elusive. It might feel out of reach. It might seem overwhelming or foreign or just unnatural. Maybe you think it's insignificant or unrealistic or not feasible to actually embrace your body. Which is why I wanted to interview one of my favorite people, Anna Guest-Jelley, who's penned a powerful, personal and practical book about body acceptance called Curvy Yoga: Love Yourself & Your...
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5 Ways to Start Our Days with Intention, Curiosity and Calm

Does this sound like your morning: You wake up to your alarm, grab your phone and start scrolling social media, news headlines and your inbox. You learn about something terrible or tragic, something you can't shake. Your mind focuses on the 100 tasks you need to do before 10 Or it turns to a few or a slew of negative, worrisome thoughts. Or you jump out of bed, already fearful...
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The Power of Moving Our Bodies

Working out has become synonymous with weight loss or maintenance. That is, we assume that people only work out --- that we should work out --- to lose weight or to maintain our weight. This is often why exercise is thought of as a chore. As a necessary evil. As a punishment for eating dessert or consuming too many carbs or fat grams. As a way to...
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Revising Our Definition of Exercise as a Punishment or Chore

In the beautiful book Yoga and Body Image, 25 contributors share personal stories about how yoga has helped them to accept their bodies and feel more comfortable in their own skin. They talk about how yoga has helped them to find their voice and express it.

This is so important, because we often forget what movement really is (and isn't). Moving our bodies isn't about punishing ourselves for eating something "naughty" or "sinful." It...
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How Can You Seek Stillness?

The beautiful and intimidating thing about yoga is that it's a time to stop and be still. It's a time to be quiet with ourselves. Which many of us don't do very often.

The other types of exercises I do are mostly high intensity (which I also love). Go. Go. Go. We sprint from one exercise to another, from running the stairs to doing push-ups to doing burpees.

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