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Disordered Eating

“Recovery From An Eating Disorder Is Possible For All”: Part 2 With Julie Parker

Here's part two of my interview with Julie Parker, a counselor who works with people with eating disorders and author of the recently published must-read My Recovery: Inspiring Stories, Recovery Tips and Messages of Hope from Eating Disorder Survivors. It's a hopeful and inspiring book filled with valuable insights for recovery.

Below, Julie reveals the biggest myths about eating disorders, how family members can help, the one thing that surprised even her...
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Body Image

Body Image Booster: Explore Being In Your Skin

In America, today, we're celebrating Labor Day.

So here's a repost of one of my favorite tips for reconnecting with your body from one of my favorite people: Susannah Conway.

Hope everyone, everywhere, is having a wonderful day!
I’ve already written about Susannah Conway‘s beautiful book, This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart. (See here for that post.) It’s a book about healing after tragedy strikes and essentially finding...
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Body Image

Learn To Love Your Body By Exploring Your Style: Q&A With Sally McGraw

What we wear can have a big impact on our body image. That's why I'm excited to share my interview with Sally McGraw, a style consultant and freelance writer who authors the blog "Already Pretty." (One of my favorites!)

Sally recently published an incredibly helpful and inspiring book by the same name: Already Pretty: Learning to Love Your Body By Learning to Dress It Well. The book is...
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Body Image

Body Image Booster: Are You Fulfilling Your Basic Needs?

Every Monday features a tip, activity, inspiring quote or some other tidbit that helps boost your body image, whether directly or indirectly — and hopefully kick-starts the week on a positive note!

Got a tip for improving body image? Email me at mtartakovsky at gmail dot com, and I’ll be happy to feature it. I’d love to hear from you!
Lately, I've been talking a lot about self-care on Mondays. That's because part of building...
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Body Image

How Writing Can Help Us Heal: Q&A With Mara Glatzel & A Giveaway

Today,  I'm super excited to share my interview with the wise and awesome Mara Glatzel, a self-love coach who writes the blog Medicinal Marzipan and holds a masters in clinical social work.

I love Mara's positive approach and work. She empowers and challenges her readers and provides us with practical and concrete tools to boost our body image and cultivate self-love.

Mara has created a powerful e-book called Body Loving Homework, which...
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Health At Every Size (HAES)

Standing Up Against Weight Stigma: Part 2 With Jay Solomon

{the awesome More of Me to Love logo}
Yesterday, I introduced you to Jay Solomon, co-founder of the fantastic website More of Me to Love, a positive place that helps people of all shapes and sizes live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Solomon regularly writes about size acceptance and Health At Every Size. He also writes about religion and popular culture --- such as his book The...
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