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On Eating this Holiday Weekend

The average American gains X number of pounds between Halloween and Christmas. It takes just a few meals to gain weight but many months to lose it. Don't eat the cheesecake! That's way too many calories. For every "treat," you need to do X number of push-ups and burpees and cardio You'll be paying for that pumpkin pie! Never have a second helping! Don't forget about bikini season!

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Feast on Your Life

In our society, restriction is perfection. It is beauty. Restriction is seen as a correct, desirable approach and path. We glorify it. We yearn to adhere to it. We see it everywhere.

Restrict the number of calories and carbs you eat. Restrict the amount of dessert. Restrict your portions. Don't even think about having pasta, pizza or ice cream. Don't even think about eating past 7

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Binge Eating

Filling Ourselves with the Right Things

We fill ourselves with food. Food that we don't savor. Food that we barely even taste. We fill ourselves with alcohol. Too much alcohol. Parties. Endless gatherings and events. People who are critical, maybe even cruel.

We fill ourselves with new clothes, new shoes, new trinkets, meaningless objects we don't need or even enjoy.

And yet we still feel empty. Hollow. Depleted....
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The Joy of Eating

In our diet-obsessed society we've been taught to view food as a necessary evil, a nuisance, the thing to blame for the scale not budging, the thing we can't have. The forbidden fruit. Or we've been taught to view food in a more neutral light: as fuel. Strictly as a source of nutrients, vitamins, protein, fiber. Fuel for our bodies to function. Fuel for our...
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A Mini Manifesto for Caring for Yourself and Living Your Life

Don't shut off your sadness. Do cry if you need to. Let it out. It will feel like a balm.

Don't judge your emotions. Let them come as they come.

Don't say yes because you feel pressure to say yes. Say yes because you want to, because it feels good, because it's a truly compassionate act.

Do look at Mother Nature and marvel. See your surroundings as a magical gift. Don't...
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Navigating a Culture That Promotes Guilt Around Food

I regularly see posts on social media and pieces elsewhere about food and guilt. Posts that say if you "splurge" occasionally, you have no reason to feel guilty. If you eat dessert once or twice a week, that's OK, too. Usually. If you're exercising and eating healthy, then you have no reason to feel guilty either. Most of the time. I've seen comments that say, "Yes! You're...
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