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50 Things To Talk About Besides Dieting or Your Weight

Around the dinner table, at the gym, at restaurants, at New Year’s Eve parties, it’s not uncommon for the conversation to turn to calories, cake, clothing sizes, diets and weight loss or gain.

It’s not uncommon to talk about your resolutions to change your body, how much you currently dislike your body, and why you’re not having that piece of cake (or feel guilty about eating it).

And this is understandable. Because diet talk is everywhere. And maybe you do feel guilty for eating a certain food.

However, in the words of David Whyte, from his poem “Sweet Darkness,” these kinds of conversations are “too small for you.”

On Instagram, Jennifer Rollin, MSW, LCSW-C, founder of the Eating Disorder Center, encouraged us to instead have deeper, more meaningful conversations—like talking about our dreams or our favorite childhood memory.

Below are 50 things that we can chat about instead, things that strengthen our connection with others on many different levels, things that are serious, and things that are silly, things that are big, and things that seem small.

  1. books you’ve recently read
  2. your favorite hobby
  3. something interesting you just learned about
  4. something you’re struggling with
  5. the next trip you want to take
  6. what helps you cope with stress
  7. a meaningful holiday tradition
  8. what’s bringing you joy right now
  9. jokes that crack you up
  10. podcasts you’re currently loving
  11. something you’re grateful for
  12. your word for 2019
  13. a boundary that was really hard  for you to set but you did it anyway
  14. what’s making your life easier
  15. something you’re really proud of
  16. the universe
  17. something you appreciate about the person you’re talking to
  18. something you can’t wait to do in 2019
  19. what you’re curious about
  20. snow
  21. writing that makes you cry
  22. something you think is magical
  23. using your phone less
  24. what you love about _________
  25. activities that are really nourishing you
  26. what you’re feeling right now
  27. your favorite children’s book
  28. what you want to relinquish in the new year
  29. something (or someone) that’s been inspiring you
  30. how _____ works
  31. works of art that fascinate you
  32. something you’d like to solve
  33. movement that brings you joy or calm
  34. your values
  35. your spiritual life
  36. why you might be sad today
  37. whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert
  38. how you’re structuring your days to make time for what you love
  39. what an amazing life looks and feels like to you
  40. a favorite, meaningful quote
  41. something you’re nervous about
  42. the exercise rules you’re challenging
  43. how delicious a certain food tastes—and your other favorite meals to eat or make
  44. how you navigate self-criticism
  45. the lessons you’ve learned throughout your life
  46. how you’d like to take more compassionate care of yourself
  47. funny films you can’t get enough of
  48. the memories you’d like to create next week or next year
  49. something that might surprise people about you
  50. what’s soothing your soul

It’s hard not to talk about diets and weight and anything else that’s related. For many of us it seems to be at the forefront of our minds. But we can change the conversation. And it can simply start with saying: I’d like to talk about something else.

Talking about any of the above topics provides a window into what you care about, what’s on your mind (and heart), and who you are. And it’s the same for the person or people you’re talking to. Which, again, bolsters your bond, and helps you to reconnect to yourself, too.

And that is so much more meaningful, exciting and important than the number of calories in a slice of cake.

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50 Things To Talk About Besides Dieting or Your Weight

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