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50 More Quick Journal Prompts to Spark Self-Reflection

The holidays, while hectic, also can be a time of self-reflection. They can spark thoughts about what’s important and what isn’t. They can remind us of how we’d like to live our lives in January and beyond.

Last December I shared 50 quick prompts for you to explore. Today, I’m sharing 50 more prompts, which I hope give you a deeper understanding of yourself, what you need and want, how you’re currently treating yourself and how you’d like to treat yourself in the next moment. Because you can change things at any time, an hour or a minute or a second from now.

  1. social media
  2. love
  3. scale
  4. enjoyable exercise
  5. art
  6. favorite sounds
  7. favorite scents
  8. favorite tastes
  9. little luxuries
  10. loss
  11. rest
  12. adventure
  13. connection
  14. lessons
  15. the best gift
  16. awkward
  17. hustle
  18. worry
  19. dessert
  20. quote to live by
  21. mornings
  22. resentment
  23. favorite traditions
  24. serenity
  25. heart
  26. current struggles
  27. nourishment
  28. envy
  29. play
  30. stuck
  31. clean eating
  32. afraid
  33. water
  34. loving lately
  35. forgiveness
  36. overwhelmed
  37. favorite stories
  38. excited
  39. holding on
  40. disappointment
  41. ornaments
  42. my rules
  43. alcohol
  44. cultivate
  45. home
  46. curious
  47. favorite memory
  48. clutter
  49. relationships
  50. awe

Of course, you can interpret these quick prompts in any way you like. One idea is to turn these words into questions, which you can use to help you meet your needs. For instance, “When was the last time I felt resentment? Why? What can I do next time to reduce my resentment?” (You might learn to say no.) Other examples are: “What lessons have I learned this year?” and “What really is enjoyable exercise to me? How can I incorporate that into my days?” and “Do I want more adventure in my life? Why or why not?” and “What am I curious about?” and “What feels like clutter in my life?” and “What do I want to cultivate?”

Self-reflection is what leads to a meaningful, fulfilling life. Carve out the time to check your own temperature. And when you do, be honest with yourself.

Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash.
50 More Quick Journal Prompts to Spark Self-Reflection

Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

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