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Self-Care Sunday Links 1.22.17

pink flowers-matt-briney, unsplashOn some Sundays I share links to other pieces on Psych Central and from around the web. This month’s links include everything from quitting the body image wars to practicing gratitude to reducing overwhelm to getting some sleep when you’re anxious. Because self-care is comprehensive. I hope you find these helpful. Happy Sunday!

Quitting the body image wars: “If you’ve forgotten this fact, and you need a reminder, I offer one to you today: You are already strong. You are a caretaker of a body capable of amazing feats—your heart beats! Your lungs fill up with air! Your legs move you to and from places!—which means that your body is your friend, not an enemy meant to be defeated at the first perceived failure. Opt out of the lie that says your looks matter most. Take up space in this world, because what you weigh holds no weight in terms of your worth.”

Instead of resolutions, try this.

Why Shannon is giving up on goals (I love this!): “What really gets me, though, is that the smaller goals (earn $X per day, look this way, finish this by X date) have been interfering with my big choices (be happy, like myself, seek sufficiency).”

On digital minimalism: “Digital minimalism is a philosophy that helps you question what digital communication tools (and behaviors surrounding these tools) add the most value to your life. It is motivated by the belief that intentionally and aggressively clearing away low-value digital noise, and optimizing your use of the tools that really matter, can significantly improve your life.”

On being singular: “It is in all of our individuality, in the sum total of our life experiences, the specificity of our paths, that we have most to offer one another.”

On self-acceptance: “Imagine self-acceptance as a position of neutrality about the self, rooted in our decision not to have an adversarial relationship with our self. Your worth doesn’t have to be earned. You aren’t bad, ruined, imperfect. There is nothing fundamentally wrong about you. In fact, you are fundamentally right because you exist: because you, just like every other person, were put here on purpose. Worth, you see, is your birthright just as it is the birthright of everyone else. Ultimately, you chose to recognize your humanity just as you recognize and respect the humanity of others.”

11 ways to practice gratitude.

Ending the war with ourselves and our inner critics.

A simple way to reduce motherhood overwhelm.

If you like to set goals, this can help.

9 simple ways to love yourself.

Are you using alcohol (or other things) as a shield? “Guess what, everyone uses shields. Yes, everyone. You may not be dealing with social anxiety, and alcohol may not be your shield of choice, but I can guarantee that, whether you know it or not, you have your own go-to methods at the ready to distract yourself from the thoughts that make you want to run and hide.”

How to ignore your email without feeling guilty.

Today, cast your vote for idleness.

There is more than one way to be a little girl (and a woman).

10 questions to ask ourselves for greater clarity.

Why you’ll never get a new body —and that’s a great thing.

Tips for sleeping peacefully when you’re anxious.

The beauty of self-care.

And here are several questions to reflect on in your journal or to respond to in the comments: What blog posts or words have been inspiring you lately? What have been your favorite ways to practice self-care? What are you currently struggling with? What’s helped you in accepting your body? 

P.S., One of my favorite people, Anna Guest-Jelley, is giving away a copy of her must-read book Curvy Yoga: Love Yourself & Your Body A Little More Each Day. You can enter the giveaway here. Thanks so much to everyone who’s already commented with such thoughtful responses.

Photo by Matt Briney.
Self-Care Sunday Links 1.22.17

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