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Archives for October, 2016


Navigating Self-Care as a Parent: Q&A with Therapist Anna Osborn

Carving out time for ourselves gets tricky when we become parents. As a (very) new mom myself, I'm especially curious how others navigate self-care and parenthood. Because it's very easy to forget ourselves and get overwhelmed. Which is why I decided to start a short series where working moms reveal what works for them.

Today, I'm happy to share my first interview with Anna Osborn. Anna is a therapist in Sacramento, Calif., who specializes...
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Body Image

The Power of Choosing Ourselves & A Book Giveaway!

One of the books I regularly recommend to readers is Rosie Molinary's Beautiful You. Because it's empowering, inspiring and practical. And because it's necessary. Because we receive messages that tell us we aren't good enough---but we can become good enough and happy and confident if we do X, Y and Z. If we lose weight. If we change our appearance. If we are productive. If we don't make any mistakes. If we...
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Using Lists to Cultivate Joy and Create Fulfilling Days

You guys know I love making lists, especially when it comes to practicing self-care and creating satisfaction. One of the ways we can use lists is to write down what truly nourishes us and brings us joy---and then make sure that we include these things, people, actions and places inside our days. Because, as Annie Dillard famously and wisely said, "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend...
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