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Archives for August, 2016

Body Image

Feast on Your Life

In our society, restriction is perfection. It is beauty. Restriction is seen as a correct, desirable approach and path. We glorify it. We yearn to adhere to it. We see it everywhere.

Restrict the number of calories and carbs you eat. Restrict the amount of dessert. Restrict your portions. Don't even think about having pasta, pizza or ice cream. Don't even think about eating past 7

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Some Days are Just Frustrating

There are days when you almost leap out of bed, ready to welcome the early morning, ready to tackle your to-do list, ready to navigate whatever challenges come your way. You're able to do so much and do it so efficiently: You complete an important project, jot down a few great ideas, tidy up the house, make a meal and get to the tasks you've been avoiding for days.

It all seems so, surprisingly, easy. You're simply...
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What Stops You from Being You?

In the last few weeks I've been exploring the topic of embracing ourselves as we are---and actually letting others see us. The real us. Beautiful and bruised. Shattered and standing. Flawed. Vulnerable. A multitude of contradictions and hues. People with rich, painful pasts. People who've struggled, messed up, loved, lost, abandoned, been abandoned, triumphed, failed. People who've tried on different identities as teens and young adults. People who are still trying to figure...
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How to Be Yourself When You’ve Worn a Mask for Too Long

"Being someone we are not is nearly a guarantee for unhappiness," according to Christine Selby, , a psychologist in Bangor, Maine. And these words couldn't be more accurate. After all, happiness happens when we create a life based on our values, a life that is meaningful, that includes activities that fulfill us, surrounded by people who truly understand us.

Which are all things that we don't exactly do when we wear a...
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Stop. Just Stop.

You have to organize your paperwork. You have to scrub the tub. You have to wash the dishes. You have to fold the laundry and start a new load. You have to make dinner and pack lunches. You have to hang up that picture. It's been leaning against the wall  for months. You have to check your bank account. You have to buy that thing.

Stop. Just stop.

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