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Archives for October, 2015

Body Image

What to Do When Your Family Comments on Your Weight

Recently, a reader, Jen, left an excellent question on my post about what to do when you gain weight. She wrote:

"Also, I was wondering if you could write on the topic of family members commenting on weight gain. I grew up in a family that focuses a lot on weight and appearance, and doesn’t care to discuss emotional health. I’m visiting family over Thanksgiving this year, and have...
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Revising Our Definition of Exercise as a Punishment or Chore

In the beautiful book Yoga and Body Image, 25 contributors share personal stories about how yoga has helped them to accept their bodies and feel more comfortable in their own skin. They talk about how yoga has helped them to find their voice and express it.

This is so important, because we often forget what movement really is (and isn't). Moving our bodies isn't about punishing ourselves for eating something "naughty" or "sinful." It...
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