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Writing Lists for a Better Body Image and Well-Being, Part 2

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In May I penned this piece about the different lists we can create for helping us build a more positive body image, practice compassionate self-care and boost our well-being. Today, I’m sharing a list of other lists, which I hope you find helpful!

I love writing lists because they help to simplify overwhelming things — like feelings, worries, projects, making positive changes in our lives. Lists make the abstract ideas floating around my head more tangible, more doable.

Without further ado, here’s a list of lists you might create to support yourself:

  • Why I’m not stressing out about silly “bikini season.”
  • Foods I love and meals I’ll make to nourish myself.
  • Ways I’m building self-trust every day.
  • What empowers me…to make positive changes in my life, to stand up for myself, to love my body, to not get caught up in our thin-obsessed culture, and so on.
  • The different parts of self-love, as defined by me and maybe inspired by a few others.
  • Things I want to do this summer, including books I’d like to read (I put a few of these on my wish list).
  • What I criticize myself for regularly, and a few ways I plan to practice self-compassion instead.
  • Three things I need right now.
  • My intentions for every room in my home.
  • All the “shoulds” I’m finally relinquishing.
  • How I’ll take exquisite care of myself from now on.
  • What I’d love to learn today and in the future.
  • What I’m finally embracing about my body.
  • Things I can do every day to move past my comfort zone.
  • Reasons I don’t need to get on the scale.
  • 50 things that inspire me…to create, to take care of myself, to take it easy, to try, to explore, to wonder and wander.
  • My top therapists to call and interview.
  • Why I can love my body right now, exactly as it is.
  • Fun activities I’d like to try for moving my body.
  • What I’ve learned so far in my life.
  • Important reminders for tough times.
  • The challenges I want to take on, and how I’ll navigate them.
  • What I think about when I’m alone — and what I think this means.
  • The habits, hobbies, people, places, passions, foods, fun things that contribute to my well-being.
  • The many things I’d like to create — maybe even for 100 days!
  • Doctors appointments I need to make for the year.
  • Why I am worthy. Always. Even on the days I forget.

 Do you like to make lists? What kind of lists have you made? What lists will you make?

Writing Lists for a Better Body Image and Well-Being, Part 2

Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

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