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A Farewell to Your Shackles

bird, amelia island, 2010

You are a small, unsophisticated machine

simplistic in your function.

And yet

you rule my moods

dictate my diet

and overshadow the joys in my life.


And yet

you are an earthquake

shattering the walls

the glass

of my home

every time

the number spikes.


Because every time

the number spikes

suddenly I’m



a slob




Lately, I’ve been wondering

why do I even need you?


So I’ve decided to let you go.

No hard feelings.

I don’t want

to feel restricted


inherently wrong.


In fact, all you do

is whisper lies.


So I’m giving

both of us

the gift

of freedom.


Because I am ready

to rise

no shackles

for my wings

no muzzle

for my beak.

A Farewell to Your Shackles

Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

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