Our rose, april 2014

This week Anna Guest-Jelley — a close friend and founder of the ever powerful Curvy Yoga — and I introduced you to our eBook Heart to Heart: 20 Poems, Meditations + Affirmations to Embrace Your Body & Cultivate Kindness.

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Today, I wanted to share a new poem with you about being worthy. Because it’s so easy to internalize the message that we must earn our self-worth with accolades, accomplishments and changes in appearance.

When you feel this way, when you second-guess your self-worth, if it resonates with you, return to this reminder.

Worthy is wearing sweatpants

eating popcorn on the couch.


Worthy is gaining weight

losing weight

staying the same.


Worthy is misspelling a word

and being late to work.


Worthy is doing the dishes

or not

because you had a rough day

because you need to rest

because you simply don’t want to.


Worthy is apple pie

and apples.
Worthy is wearing

a size 2, 12 or 20.


Worthy is asking

for a hug

or giving one.


Worthy is snacking

on a sugar doughnut

or savoring “whole foods.”


Worthy is being in pain

feeling utterly alone

and reaching out for help.


Worthy is saying no

to someone

or something.

Worthy is being told no

by someone else.


Worthy is being worried

about your weight


and swelling to-do list.


Worthy is saying things will be OK.


Worthy is taking a nap

and snoozing three times.


Worthy is when nothing turns out

everything feels extra hard

and you fall down.


Worthy is lifting weights



or sitting.


Worthy is cupcakes

and kale.


Worthy is not knowing the right words to say

feeling confused

and fumbling in the light.


Worthy is dirt




Worthy is trying

and taking a break.


Worthy is uncertainty

and regret.


Worthy is infinite faces.

Worthy is