creative joy, notice, love and hearts, 2012

In our culture there is a prevailing belief that if we can’t get our bodies to look a certain way, to lose weight, to fit into an old pair of jeans, then they’re the enemy.

They’re an enemy we have to subdue, manipulate and pound into submission. An enemy we need to insult, yell at and despise.

Today, I wanted to share a reminder that, in fact, our bodies are not the enemy — despite what you see in ads or read in “health” publications. They never were.

There is no ongoing war.

There is no battle

of the bulge.


There is no count-down clock

to create a bikini body.


There is no race

to shed your weight.


There is no competition

to count your calories.

To whittle down your waist

to a smaller size.


There is no clash.

No conflict


you and your belly

you and your thighs

you and your arms

you and your hips.


Your body is not the enemy.

An electric fence

between you

and your dreams.


Your body is not the enemy

if you like dessert

if you can’t lose 5 lbs.

if you can’t fit into a certain size

if you have cellulite

or stretch marks

or lines around your eyes and mouth.


Your body is not the enemy

in some invisible battle.

A cruel commander

sneering at your cries.


Your body is a vehicle

A hard-working machine

A miracle.


Your body is you.