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Body Image Booster: Experiencing Loving Kindness

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Every Monday features a tip, activity, inspiring quote or some other tidbit that helps boost your body image, whether directly or indirectly — and hopefully kick-starts the week on a positive note!

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A few weeks ago I shared how we can be just 10 percent kinder. Because kindness is an important part of cultivating a positive body image and taking better care of ourselves.

Recently, I wrote a piece on the power of empathy for relationships and how we can enhance our empathy.

One of the experts shared the below beautiful loving-kindness meditation from meditation teacher and bestselling author Sharon Salzberg.

Loving kindness is a meditation that helps us cultivate appreciation and compassion toward others and ourselves. (I’ve written about this meditation before.)

This is a loving-kindness meditation from psychologist and Psych Central blogger Elisha Goldstein.

This third loving-kindness meditation is from the University of New Hampshire Health Services.

I know that self-compassion can be hard for many of us. But listening to the above loving-kindness meditations can help. Find a meditation that you like, and try to practice it regularly.

Remember that self-compassion isn’t something we either have or don’t have. It’s a skill, a practice that we can cultivate.

Body Image Booster: Experiencing Loving Kindness

Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

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