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Last week, Mara penned this beautiful post about how she’d like to feel — a journaling prompt she’s used since she was a little girl.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I want to feel…

Grace and mercy. Gratitude that hugs me deep in my fear of abandon.

Uncomplicated rest rest and inexplicably rejuvenated by my day-to-day. Ease.

Purpose-driving, spirit-driven. The divine soul retrieval of a human who knows her place.

The full breadth of my mama nature – nurturing, whole, and beautiful.

The richness of birthing beauty into the world, the coziness of gestation.”

This made me think about how I’d like to feel in my body.

For instance, I want to feel a sense of calm and comfort, a genuine inner peace — the kind you feel when you’re curled up on the couch, wearing your softest fabrics, wrapped in your warmest blanket; the kind you feel with toes in the sand, on a sunny day.

This sense of serenity is like the foundation of a fortress — strong, unwavering.

I want to feel invigorated, bursting with brisk energy, joyful, alive — what you feel when you’re walking and breathing in the balmy breeze and beautiful surroundings; what you feel during full-on belly laughs.

I want to feel an ease, a quiet confidence and a self-trust that settles into my bones. I want to feel a deep breath, a gulp of life.

Consider how you want to feel in your body. Make a list of adjectives and descriptions. But interpret this in any way you like.

Try not to analyze or censor yourself as you’re writing. Just jot down what instantly pops into your mind — even if it doesn’t make much sense.

Then after you’re done with your list, ask yourself: How can I tap into these feelings? What can I do to cultivate these feelings on a daily basis?

Maybe you can cultivate them with certain physical activities — dancing, walking, stretching your body — and habits — getting more sleep, taking a hot bath, seeing friends who make you laugh.

How do you want to feel in your body? How can you access or create those feelings?