Connecticut, path littered w leaves

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One of the ways we can start to feel more comfortable and more at home in our own bodies is to actually experience life in our bodies.

This may sound silly, but often we’re so busy and hyper-focused on rushing around and accomplishing tasks that we might not be aware of our bodies.

And we might not feel the sensations of our bodies relating to our environment. Walking meditation helps to increase that awareness.

This practice allows us to awaken to our bodies and our surroundings.

We get to feel our feet as they touch the ground (or, as the author of the second practice below says, as we kiss the earth), all the while savoring slow, deep breaths.

You can practice walking meditation both at home and outdoors. And I know that for many of us, who are experiencing record low temps and snowstorms, inside might be the only option for now.

Here are several walking meditations to try:

Right now I’m reading the book SHE: A Celebration of Greatness in Every Woman by Mary Anne Radmacher and Liz Kalloch. In it, there’s a great quote from Julia Cameron on walking:

“The most potent tool for contacting inner guidance and creativity is walking.”

Walking gives us the opportunity to get quiet and listen to ourselves. It’s a powerful way to experience and connect with our bodies (and to experience our environment).

And it’s something small, practical and pleasurable that we can truly practice one step at a time.

Have you ever practiced walking meditation? How did you like it?