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I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful New Year’s Eve last night! Today, I’m looking back at the posts you guys visited the most.

They cover everything from what self-love really looks like to how to improve your body image throughout the day to how to enhance your well-being without ever focusing on weight.

These are the top 13 posts from the past year.

  1. 8 Creative Ways to Practice Self-Care
  2. 5 Self-Sabotaging Thoughts About Self-Compassion
  3. 33 Lessons on Body Image, Well-Being & Life
  4. Why You Can Love Your Body Right Now
  5. What Self-Love Looks Like
  6. Creating Your Ultimate Self-Care List
  7. 32 Ways to Improve Your Body Image Throughout the Day
  8. 25 Self-Care Strategies for Fall
  9. When You Don’t Love Your Body or Yourself
  10. A Meditation for Promoting Peace Within Ourselves
  11. 27 Relaxing Ways to Spend the Weekend & Practice Self-Care
  12. 27 Things People with a Positive Body Image Know
  13. 30 Ways to Boost Your Well-Being Without Focusing on Weight

In the comments, I’d love to know what topics and posts you’d like to see here in 2014 (wow, I can’t believe it’s another year; I think I’m still in shock).

What would support you in building a more positive body image and self-image? What are you curious or confused about? What would you like to explore?

What bothers you about women’s magazines or our society’s ridiculous thin ideal? Where do you need more help?

What bloggers, psychologists or authors would you like to see interviewed on Weightless? What would support you in practicing nourishing self-care?

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading Weightless! I seriously couldn’t thank you enough.

Happy New Year!