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Body Image Booster: Incorporating One Routine

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Every Monday features a tip, activity, inspiring quote or some other tidbit that helps boost your body image, whether directly or indirectly — and hopefully kick-starts the week on a positive note!

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With the holidays in full swing, you might have extra responsibilities you’re scrambling to complete. You might be extra busy or extra stressed. Or maybe with the year winding down, you’re just in need of a break or an energy boost.

A key question from Cheryl Richardson‘s book, The Art of Extreme Self-Care: Transform Your Life One Month at a Time, can help. She suggests readers ask themselves:

“What one routine could I put into place this month that would improve my life the most?”

Yep, just one. Write down that one routine on an index card. Then incorporate it into your schedule for the next 30 days.

After a week, Cheryl suggests considering how you feel. Do you feel more relaxed or energized and healthier? Do you feel less overwhelmed and stressed? Do you feel more nourished and taken care of?

If you’re not sure which routine you’d like to try, here are some ideas, from small habits to bigger changes:

  • Go to bed 30 minutes before your normal bedtime.
  • Journal for 15 minutes every morning.
  • Take five deep, slow breaths before getting up.
  • Show gratitude for your body once a day.
  • Pray every night.
  • Say a blessing.
  • Send out handwritten notes to loved ones.
  • Return to a habit you loved. (For instance, for Christina that’s running and morning pages.)
  • Savor a sit-down home-cooked meal.
  • Get to know yourself better by responding to personal prompts.
  • Take an e-course that helps you express yourself in a new way. (Andrea is having a huge sale on her beautiful classes today. I loved Susannah’s journaling course. I’ve heard great things about this 52-week workshop. And anything Vivienne, Mara and Anna do is powerful.)
  • Take a dance, hula-hooping, yoga or Pilates class; in other words, explore movement in a new way.
  • Take an art, dance or cooking class with your spouse or close friend.
  • Power down all your electronic devices (TV, phone, computer) for an hour a day and enjoy a different self-care activity, such as reading, taking a hot bath, calling a close friend, penning a poem, taking a walk.
  • Carve out 20 minutes of alone-time to mediate.
  • Start a creative project. (For instance, Jolie has been creating a painting per day for several years now. I love her work.)

What one routine will you try this month?

Body Image Booster: Incorporating One Routine

Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

Margarita is an associate editor at She writes about everything from taking compassionate care of yourself at any weight, shape, and size, to coping healthfully with difficult emotions. Her goal is to give readers practical, empowering tips to better their lives, and to remind you that whatever you're struggling with, you're never, ever alone.

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