merry christmas card

Since I’ve been writing Weightless, every year around this time, I’ve shared a list of last-minute gifts we can give to our loved ones and ourselves — whether we’re celebrating Christmas or not. I’ve combined those lists, updated them and added new ideas.

Below, you’ll find a combination of presents you can purchase and gifts that don’t cost a thing. I hope these give you some good ideas!

And, if you’re celebrating Christmas, I hope you have a beautiful holiday. And, if you’re not, I hope you have a beautiful day.

  1. Practice 10 minutes of yoga or another physical activity you enjoy.
  2. Buy a body positive book for yourself or a loved one.
  3. Take a few minutes to read from a book that inspires you.
  4. Compliment yourself.
  5. Tell your family and friends how much you love them, and what qualities you’re especially appreciative of.
  6. Give yourself a hug (cheesy, maybe; comforting, yes).
  7. Take a few quiet minutes to yourself. Savor the stillness.
  8. Write a letter of appreciation to yourself.
  9. Read from the Bible, Torah or other religious text.
  10. Listen to a self-compassion meditation. Listen by yourself or share the moment with a loved one.
  11. Take a long bath or shower.
  12. Thank your body for being there for you — through everything.
  13. Commit to being kinder to yourself. Think about one way you can practice that kindness today.
  14. Give a beautiful notebook or journal to a loved one. Don’t forget to inscribe it! (That’s my favorite part of getting or giving a book: the words written inside from your loved one especially to you.)
  15. Pamper with a fancy set of candles, body scrub, shower gel or lotion.
  16. Pamper with a set of super cozy and warm flannel pajamas or flannel sheets.
  17. Reflect on what you’re thankful for.
  18. Buy an album on iTunes.
  19. Give a gift card for a manicure, pedicure or massage.
  20. Give a gift card for dancing, painting, baking or cooking lessons.
  21. Take a walk — 15 minutes or an hour. Go by yourself or take your loved ones with you. Breathe in your surroundings. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you hear? What are you feeling?
  22. Sleep in or get up early — whatever feels best for your body.
  23. Journal about this question: What do I really need today?
  24. Create a body positive prints, which might include your favorite quotes. This is one of my favorites from Geneen Roth: “It’s never been true, not anywhere at any time, that the value of a soul, of a human spirit, is dependent on a number on a scale.” (Here’s a beautiful message to print out.)
  25. Praise yourself for something you’ve accomplished.
  26. Give yourself unconditional permission to take pleasure in food and to listen to your body.
  27. Buy your loved one a planner for the new year, and add your own or others’ inspirational sayings.
  28. If you’re stressed over last-minute shopping, cooking and anything else that needed to be done weeks ago, first know that you’re absolutely not alone. (Trust me!) Then take several slow, deep breaths. And remember what the holidays are really about.
  29. Savor your food. When you’re eating this year, remember to slow down and savor your bites. Focus on the scent, taste and texture of your foods. Try taking a few deep, slow breaths between bites. Taste your food like you’re eating it for the very first time.
  30. Sneak in a few minutes to look at yourself in the mirror, and just smile.
  31. If you’re getting together with a few people who push your body-image buttons (e.g., talk about calories, weight, others’ appearances), write out a mantra on an index card (piece of paper, Christmas tag – whatever is handy), and carry it with you as a reminder to let negativity pass you like a cloud in the sky.
  32. Avoid bashing your own body and engaging in diet conversations and help others do the same.
  33. As you’re opening presents, have each person say something they love about themselves and the person to their right or left.
  34. Compose a holiday card to yourself.
  35. Give a bouquet of flowers, a plant or seeds for flowers.
  36. Do one thing that never ceases to make you smile.
  37. Do one thing for a loved one that never ceases to make them smile.
  38. Toss your scale. What does this actually give you? Freedom.
  39. Recycle any shaming “health” publications.
  40. Give your loved ones a subscription to a magazine based on their interests — anything from poetry to writing to yoga to sewing to science to art to food to cars to culture to gardening to decor.
  41. Consider how you’d like 2014 to look. I love Susannah’s workbook for thinking about intentions. Print the workbook out for yourself and your loved one.
  42. Print out photos of your favorite moments with your friends and family from 2013. Frame them, and give them to your loved ones.
  43. Watch your favorite holiday movies.
  44. Play your favorite music, and dance with your loved ones. (Bonus points go to the wackiest moves!)
  45. Give yourself permission to have a nourishing holiday season.
  46. Write out one thing you wish for yourself, and how you’ll make it happen.
  47. Create your body image kit — or grab a few things with you as you go to celebrate the day.
  48. Donate to charity in your or your loved one’s name.
  49. Create a home-cooked meal once a month for a busy family.
  50. Have a loved one create a list of tasks that are currently stressing them out. Offer to take one of those tasks off their list.

What body positive presents will you give yourself and your loved ones?