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Spring-Clean Your Self-Care Routine

blooms in brooklyn, april 2013

{Taken last week in Brooklyn, NY}

In the spring we start cleaning out our closets and other spaces in our homes. We get rid of clothes and other items that don’t fit into our lives, anymore. We re-organize and create spaces that help us feel relaxed and refreshed.

The springtime is also a a great time to make other assessments: to re-evaluate our self-care routines.

Because it is our self-care that forms the foundation for our well-being. It’s our self-care that helps us accomplish the day-to-day, from creating and completing a project at work to playing with our kids to helping our parents to preparing dinner to enjoying life.

Below are some questions to help jumpstart your re-evaluation. If you’d like, jot down your responses in a journal. It might be helpful to do this every season, and review your earlier writings. This way, you spot patterns and get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t.

OK, without further ado, the questions:

— What does your self-care routine look like today?

— What habits help you feel how you want to feel?

— What habits drain and deplete you?

— Can you embrace a quality you’ve wanted to change for years by re-adjusting your self-care?

— What’s one change you can make that’ll have a positive effect on your body image or mood?

— What’s missing from your routine or how you treat yourself that you’d like to add? How can you make that happen?

— What warm-weather activities would you like to add?

— What’s one thing you really want to say no to? What’s one thing that’s a surefire yes?

— What’s your sleep like? Are you getting enough of it?

— Are you neglecting your non-negotiable needs? For instance, for me, movement is essential. So I always make time for exercise in my life. When I don’t, I feel the negative effects of fatigue, moodiness and a muddy mind.

— Does your environment nourish your needs and foster well-being? For instance, keeping a scale and diet cookbooks in your home could hurt your body image.

— How can you nurture yourself so you become powerful?

— What are your priorities and values? Is your self-care routine helping you live them?

— Are you living a well-fed life?

What other questions would you add to this list?

Spring-Clean Your Self-Care Routine

Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

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