NYC Oct 2012

Every Monday features a tip, activity, inspiring quote or some other tidbit that helps boost your body image, whether directly or indirectly — and hopefully kick-starts your week on a positive note!

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Are you sure you should eat that? Think your hips have gotten bigger? Maybe you need to work out a little more? Looking particularly large in that outfit, aren’t we? I can’t believe you couldn’t finish that workout. Everyone else did. Your stomach looks enormous today. What else is new. 

Yep, these kinds of thoughts still swirl in my head. Some days, they’re mere whispers. Other days, they start slow but swiftly seem to hijack my brain.

It feels like I have to remove them with a crowbar.

On those days, I have several phrases I can say to myself to squash these thoughts, or at least to quiet them. Because it’s these phrases that bring me back to what’s true.

They remind me that those negative thoughts are myths and lies that aren’t worth my time or energy to begin with.

I’ll probably always have slivers of negative thoughts about my body and my appearance. They’ll probably come and go as my body changes with pregnancy, giving birth and age.

So having these phrases is especially important for me in maintaining a positive body image, taking good care of myself and living a well-fed life.

Below are my phrases, along with other ideas that might work for you. Some remind me of the danger of negative thoughts (and their futility). Others remind me to refocus on what’s important.

  • I am more than my body. 
  • I am a whole, passionate person.
  • These thoughts don’t get me anywhere, except a deep, dark place.
  • My body already does so much for me. Just walking is a miracle (one that many people aren’t able to do).
  • My whole body is a miracle. It is a gift.
  • Would I say this to a friend in the same situation?
  • What’s really going on? This has little to do with how I look today. What do I need?
  • I’ll keep taking good care of my body. Whether I gain or lose weight is irrelevant.
  • These thoughts keep me shackled to what doesn’t matter. They stop me from leading a fulfilling life. They sap the energy I need to focus on my loved ones and my passions. It’s OK to move on.
  • I have better things to think about.
  • I don’t need to be anyone else except for myself.
  • I do what works for me.
  • This body is my home.

If none of these phrases resonate with you, write a few that feel more familiar and speak to what’s true for you.

What will be your quick body-boosting reminder?