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A positive body image goes beyond liking your looks. It encompasses taking good care of yourself and leading a fulfilling life. In this weekly series, I share some of my favorite posts from some of my favorite bloggers on this topic. Sometimes I also share relevant pieces that I’ve written on the Web. Hope you find these links inspiring!

Mara reveals why self-care is not a punishment.

More wisdom from Mara on living a well-fed life at Rachel’s beautiful blog.

My well-fed life is a series of well intentioned choices, and a relaxed relationship with outcome. Experimental.

My well-fed life is fueled by doing what I say that I’m going to do. Showing up. Dressing up. Talking fast and embracing my love of idioms.

My well-fed life is filled with active decisions, carefully curated experiences, and replacing that undercurrent of boredom with one of languid joy seeking. It is brimming with intuitive hits, and no thank you, I’ve got a really important date to keep – with myself conversations.

An essential reminder on why it’s OK to make mistakes.

How do you enjoy yoga if you can’t do the poses fully?

Take a short respite, and squash doubt while stepping into joy.

In their podcast, Christie and Mara talk about feeling lazy and what it really means to rest. (Plus, check out Christie’s new website.)

5 things to fuel your creative soul.

Ideas for living a creative life when you’re a mom.

How to quiet your mind and get more sleep.

Remember: Your work is not frivolous

If you haven’t yet, check out our inspiring interview with Alex Franzen all about practicing self-love.

What’s been inspiring you this week?