Today I wanted to do something a little different here on Weightless. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And I think it’s a great time to show our love to all the special people in our lives, including ourselves.

So I’ve gathered up some gift ideas that focus on nourishing others (and ourselves). You’ll find everything from inspiring prints and journals to powerful e-books and e-courses. I hope you like them!


I’m a huge fan of e-courses. They make meaningful — and often transformative — gifts for both others and ourselves. I’ve either taken the below courses or have heard great things about them. You also can find tons of classes and workshops at Seek Your Course. (Some might not start until months from now, but you can always make your loved one a little gift card or IOU.)

Other Ideas

Many of my favorite bloggers also offer amazing freebies on their websites, which you can print out for yourself and give to a loved one. Here are a few of them:

There are so many other wonderful ways to show someone — including yourself — some love, care and compassion. Compose a love letter. Prepare a delicious meal. Take a long walk. Enjoy a picnic, outdoors or in. See a film. See a show. Get a spa gift card, or go together. Create your own print with an inspiring quote. Create the print on your computer, handwrite the quote or paint it on a small canvas.

What will you be sharing with your loved ones this V-Day? What about with yourself? What are your favorite gifts to receive?