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I have many folders on my computer, everything from inspiring articles to yummy recipes I’d like to try.

Recently I started a “reminders” folder. There I compile anything that reminds me that it’s OK to struggle, and that soon, it shall pass; anything that gives me hope and soothes my stress; anything that reminds me that I am worthy as I am.

Here are several of these pieces. I hope they resonate with you. And if they don’t, I hope you take a few moments today to find — or write — words that do.

Susannah reminds me of the power of writing from the heart, responding to our needs and speaking our truths.

Katie’s stunning illustrations remind me of the power of creativity. They remind me of the beauty and inspiration that can be found in a Moleskin art journal in a drawing of  a dancer.

Rachel reminds me of the power and accessibility of ease and unplugging.

Christie reminds me of the power of radical self-devotion, and to return to it when I inevitably get lost.

Therese reminds me that none of us is alone, and there’s always hope.

Julie reminds me that we don’t need to do it all, and we can embrace all our sides.

Alex reminds me how to survive when things suck , and that it’s OK, totally wonderful and very valuable to feel like you’re on vacation every day.

Jen reminds me of the power of being myself.

Mara reminds me that I deserve an incredible life, and to explore what that means for me.

Anna reminds me to honor my body and why touching my toes doesn’t matter.

What reminders do you need today? What pieces, books or other things ease your stress and give you hope? What reminders truly resonate with you?

P.S., I was featured as a Self-Love Ambassador at Michelle McGrath’s beautiful website. I talked all about  self-love: how to start practicing it and what to do when you’re angry with yourself.