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A positive body image goes beyond liking your looks. It encompasses taking good care of yourself and leading a fulfilling life. In this weekly series, I share some of my favorite posts from some of my favorite bloggers on this topic. Sometimes I also share relevant pieces that I’ve written on the Web. Hope you find these links inspiring!

Body love is always available. Read this beauty from Anna aloud. Write it in your journal. And keep coming back to it. It’s that powerful.

Another powerful reminder from Mara:

Here’s the thing – you are so much more than what you do. You are a gorgeous compilation of wild dreams, radical adventures, unique ways of doing things, and fantastic hopes for the future.

You are unlike anyone else that you know.

On your own path – you are an intrepid traveler with all of the know-how and exuberance that you need to cultivate a life that is tailor fit to you.

You have all of the tools to decide that this is the exact moment that you are going to reclaim your life.

Every second is a second to make a choice that is steeped deeply in having your best interest in mind.

10 mental health apps to help you cope healthfully with stress, anxiety and other concerns.

A few ideas for crafting a restorative weekend.

We read a lot about building healthy relationships with others. But what we don’t read as much involves the most significant relationship in your life: the one with yourself. Here are 6 ways to cultivate that beautiful relationship.

Practicing self-love year-round.

A peace agreement to help you end the war with your body. Wise words from Golda:

It’s time to end the war with your body because the war does not serve you.

There may have been times in your life where you felt like you were winning the war. You may have lost weight, you may have felt better about your body.

But if victory felt temporary, that’s because it was.

The real victory is peace. The real victory happens when you realize that you and your body are, in every sense of the word, one entity. It’s then that you can start noticing what makes it feel good and really be its ally.

I use the word peace because that’s what this is really about. When you feel more peaceful about your body, you have less stress, you feel happier, you feel better. You’re able to treat your body (yourself) with kindness and compassion. You release shame. You release blame. You feel freer.

Sometimes I just see her.

What increases your capacity for delight? For Andrea Scher it’s photography. For me it’s bike rides and beautiful sentences.

How do you practice self-love? What inspiring reads have you read this week?