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So often we forget how amazing and lovely we are. One mistake can send us into a maze of self-loathing. One bad day can lead to a week of body bashing.

On these days, the days when we just can’t remember who we are, when we can’t muster up any realistic statements or positivity, it helps to have someone else do that for us. To give us a bit of support, inspiration, a nudge away from the negative.

Enter Danielle LaPorte. I’m sure many of you have heard of Danielle and her beautiful work. If you’re not familiar, Danielle is the author of The Fire Starter Sessions and creator of The Desire Map. 

Recently, she created a gorgeous audio that features various contributors sharing words of encouragement for all of us.

Some of these words include:

You are radiant. You are possibility. You are infinite. You are kind. You are abundance. You are spacious. You are becoming. You are bliss. You are ever-present. You are wholeness. You are mystical. You are gratitude. You are free. You are limitless. 

Again, it’s so easy to forget these things and to fill our hearts with self-hatred. For many of us, it, sadly, comes so naturally. We can extend a hand of kindness and compassion to everyone else, but ourselves.

Listen to this audio. Listen to it several times today. Write down the words that resonate with you, and keep them close to your heart.

They are the truth. Sometimes, we just forget that, and need a reminder.