merry christmas card

Since I’ve been writing Weightless, every year around this time, I’ve shared a list of last-minute gifts we can give to ourselves (and our loved ones) whether we’re celebrating Christmas or not. I’ve combined those lists, updated them and added a few new ideas.

If you’re celebrating Christmas, I hope you have a beautiful holiday. And if you’re not, I hope you have a beautiful day. I’ll be celebrating with my boyfriend and his family, eating delicious food, crying my eyes out while watching Christmas movies and relaxing. I can’t wait. 🙂

1. Practice 10 minutes of yoga or another physical activity you enjoy.

2. Read from your fave inspirational book.

3. Give yourself a compliment.

4. Give yourself a hug (cheesy, maybe; comforting, yes).

5. Take a few quiet minutes to yourself.

6.  Write a letter of appreciation to yourself.

7. Read from the Bible, Torah or other religious text.

8. Meditate.

9. Take a long bath or shower.

10. Forgive yourself.

11. Thank your body for being there for you, even after everything it’s been through.

12. Commit to being kinder to yourself. Think about one way you can practice that kindness every day.

13. Get a spa card — for yourself.

14. Journal or buy a journal. (No matter what kind of day I’m having, browsing the notebooks at Barnes and Noble always cheers me up.)

15. Go out for coffee, and do some self-reflecting. Maybe you think about your body image specifically, or what you’re thankful for, excited about, what you’d like to change or what you love.

16. Buy a CD or listen to your fave music.

17. Get up early tomorrow, on Christmas morning, and take a walk. Breathe in your surroundings.

18. Sleep in or get up early — whatever feels the best for your body.

19. Write out inspirational messages to yourself. They can be words of wisdom, words that say something positive about your body, your favorite quotes, motivating messages or scripture. (Here’s a beautiful message to print out.)

20. Praise yourself for something you’ve accomplished.

21. Eat intuitively.

22. Consider a month of anything. Think about what you’d love to do for a month, something really special for yourself, and do it.

23. If you’re stressed over last-minute shopping, cooking and anything else that needed to be done weeks ago, first know that you’re definitely not the only one. (Brian and I don’t even have a tree in our house. But his parents bought an 8 foot beauty. And we didn’t put up the menorah either. But we enjoyed a special Hanukkah dinner with my mom.) Then take a few deep breaths. And remember what the holiday is really about.

24. Savor your food. When you’re eating this year, remember to slow down and savor your bites. Focus on the scent, taste and texture of your foods. Try taking a few deep, slow breaths between bites. Taste your food like you’re eating it for the very first time.

25. Sneak in a few minutes to look at yourself in the mirror, and just smile.

26. Give a loved one a compliment.

27. Tell your family and friends how much you love them, and what qualities you’re so appreciative of.

28. Do one thing that never ceases to make you smile.

29. If you’re getting together with a few people who push your body-image buttons (e.g., talk about calories, weight, others’ appearances), write out a mantra on an index card (piece of paper, Christmas tag – whatever is handy), and carry it with you as a reminder to let negativity wash away like water.

30. Don’t fat talk this holiday and help others to do the same.

31. As you’re opening presents, have each person say something they love about themselves and the person to their right or left. Give gifts of gratitude. They’re as good, if not better, than the tangible stuff. You might really warm someone’s heart, including your own.

32. Compose a holiday card to yourself.

33. Buy yourself or a loved one a bouquet of flowers.

34. Toss your scale. What does this actually give you? Freedom — I promise you.

35. Consider how you’d like 2013 to look. As I mentioned yesterday, I love Susannah’s workbook for thinking about intentions.

36. Watch your favorite funny films, and laugh for hours.

37. Play your favorite music, and dance with your family. (Extra points for the wackiest movies, hehe.)

38. Give yourself permission to have a nourishing holiday season.

39. Write out one thing you wish for yourself, and how you’ll make it happen.

40. Create your body image kit — or grab a few things with you as you go to celebrate the day.

41. Enjoy yourself. I know that the holidays can be stressful. (Here are tips to help.) But try to find pockets of joy. Sometimes it helps to adjust your attitude or pay full attention to the present and count your blessings.

Thanks so much for coming here regularly and reading Weightless. It means the world to me! It really does.

What body positive or self-care gifts will you give yourself and your loved ones?