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How often do you ask yourself what you want or what you wish?

I loved this post from Susannah Conway on wishes, which she wrote on 12.12.12 or “wishing day.” Even though it’s almost a week later, I love the idea of wishing on a regular basis.

This reminds us of our needs, wants and goals. It reminds us to check in with ourselves. And to explore whether we’re on the right path (for us).

Susannah writes:

I wish for a weekend of reading books. I wish for security. I wish for continued good health for my family. I wish for the perfect pair of jeans. I wish for a never-ending supply of instant film. I wish for a lover who’s brave, knows how to cook and wants to explore the world with me. I wish for silence. I wish for time to write my new book. I wish for a month in New York City. I wish for passionate kisses every single day. I wish for deepening friendships. I wish for upgraded hormones. I wish for forever cuddles with my nephew. I wish for a gingerbread latte. I wish for my own line of journals. I wish for soul trust. I wish for more London adventures. I wish for sunny days. I wish for a detached house in the countryside. I wish for free broadband. I wish for clarity. I wish for a full-time assistant. I wish for morning optimism.  I wish for an ever-expanding heart.

I wish for love.

What if you carved out a few minutes to brainstorm your wishes? To write them down somewhere visible, somewhere sacred. What if you then carved out a few minutes each week to check in with those wishes — and with yourself?

These are my wishes:

I wish for a cozy home that I can live in for years and years, which houses tons of books, art and a few little ones. I wish for great health, happiness and loads of love for my loved ones. I wish for days with laughter and bike rides with my boyfriend. I wish for travels abroad. I wish for self-trust. I wish for greater confidence in who I am. I wish for more sleep. I wish for the ability to be still, not having to continuously be in motion, mind and body.

I wish for a book of my own. (I wish to get good enough to write said book of my own.) I wish for the same carefree feelings I felt dancing in a field of daisies in the outskirts of Moscow in the summer of 2001. I wish for more cooking, posts on my personal blog and epiphanies in between reading books. I wish for whimsy and magic.

What do you wish for? Please share in the comments. I’d love to know. 🙂