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A Recipe For A Truly Nourishing Thanksgiving (& Other Holidays)

Today in America it’s Thanksgiving! Here are a few ways you might enjoy the holiday. If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you can use these tips for your other celebrations. Whatever you do today, I hope it’s wonderful!

  • Before taking a bite of your favorite foods, marvel at your meal, like it’s the first time you’re actually having it. Take in its appearance and aroma, and truly taste it.
  • Express your gratitude to your loved ones.
  • If you have time, jot down what you’re thankful for in a note, and give it to your loved ones.
  • Write down why you’re thankful for your body and yourself. (Just one thing will do!) And please read this piece from Anna on giving thanks, which is absolutely beautiful.
  • Take a few minutes throughout the day to see how you’re feeling and what you might need. Then try your best to provide that.
  • If you’re preparing anything, put on your favorite music, and rock out while you cook.
  • Unplug for several hours, and really soak in your surroundings.
  • Enjoy the outdoors — even if it’s for a few minutes.
  • Stretch your body sometime during the day — even if it’s just stretching your neck from side to side.
  • If guilt over eating certain foods surfaces, try this advice.
  • If you have two minutes, remind yourself about the beauty of food.
  • If you feel yourself getting stressed, take three deep breaths.
  • Practice patience and kindness with yourself. If you find that you’re being self-critical, ask yourself, “How would I respond with kindness or patience to my best friend?”

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What are your favorite ways to nourish yourself during the holidays?

A Recipe For A Truly Nourishing Thanksgiving (& Other Holidays)

Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

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