Over the years, it didn’t matter what size, shape or weight I was, because there was one constant: I never really saw myself.

I thought being thin would be my ticket to finally being seen.

It wasn’t.

I became even more invisible because I was so busy either trying to lose more weight or making sure I didn’t gain any back.

I began thinking about this idea after listening to Anna’s brilliant talk about creating curvy yoga-friendly classes. Anna asked the yoga teachers on the call to consider what they can do to make their students feel seen and respected.

I think this is a key question to ask ourselves: What can we do to help ourselves be seen and respected?

It’s especially relevant in our superficial society, where being seen is more about surface than substance.

I don’t mean that we need to change ourselves in order for others to see and respect us. Rather, what do you need so that you see yourself? What do you need so that you respect, appreciate and honor yourself?

Maybe you need to stop doing everything you can to garner outside validation and turn inward instead. Maybe you need to refocus on self-care.

Maybe you need to change your environment and the people who surround you. Maybe you need to stop running to the nearest weight-loss “secret,” and be still with yourself.

Maybe you just need to be kinder to yourself.

Maybe you need to journal about your feelings or needs. Maybe you need to meditate or pray about why you feel so invisible to the one person who matters most: you.

What do you need to feel seen and respected? What do you need to honor and appreciate yourself?