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Body Image Boosters From The Blogosphere 10.20.12

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A positive body image goes beyond liking your looks. It encompasses taking good care of yourself and leading a fulfilling life. In this weekly series, I share some of my favorite posts from some of my favorite bloggers on this topic. Hope you find these links inspiring, too!

I’m super honored to be featured on Rachel Cole’s beautiful blog as a “Well-Fed Woman.” Check out my interview here!

Wednesday, October 17th, was Love Your Body Day. In this thoughtful post Anna suggests putting the emphasis not on loving our bodies, but on something else.

In this gorgeous post, Mara also talks about the day and reveals how she’s celebrating her body. My favorite part:

[Today my body is] …Resilient. No matter how poorly I took care of my body in the past, every day it wakes up, stands up, moves about, and serves me to the best of it’s abilities. Without requiring anything in return except for the good faith that I will keep striving to better understand and take care of it in return.

Do we really need to give up on the dream of being thin? A thought-provoking post from Golda. One of my favorite parts from her piece:

To me, feeling great in your body, loving it, adorning it happily, engaging with the world in it, denotes a huge success. In essence, when you give up on the dream of being thin, you have to redefine the meaning of success. If success always meant weight loss, what does it mean when weight loss is off the table? Success then becomes a personal question of your own desires and values, and isn’t that what success should really be anyway?

A delicious and truly nourishing recipe for a happy meal.

Self-compassion is hard to come by for many of us. Rosie shares her powerful perspective on self-compassion, also written in honor of Love Your Body Day. A favorite part:

Keep watering every other tree but your own and you know what happens.  Isn’t it ironic that to keep giving so abundantly, we actually have to give to ourselves, we have to sustain ourselves?  When you understand that, everything can change.  You can begin by meeting your own needs, being kind to your own self and you realize that meeting your needs, being self-accepting isn’t selfish at all.  It sustains you; it strengthens your energy for the journey.  It allows you to do more of what you want to do out in the world, perhaps with less effort, because your root system is thriving.

Today is Love Your Body Day, but the importance of loving your body, your life, your self should be an earnest, every day experience.  Root yourself today and then keep watering.

Rachel writes beautifully about honoring ourselves at mealtime (and the moments beyond and in between). Read these words aloud, write them in your journal or print them out and post them somewhere visible. We need to remember this every day:

:: We must legalize all food and all eating. Allow ourselves to eat anything, at any time, in any amount.
:: We must come to see that we are lovable (and we are love). When we feel lonely or any emotion, feel it.
:: We must practice, taking baby steps, coming home to our wise body, as it is, right now.
:: We must come to ourselves as a mother does to her child, with the utmost tenderness and care.
:: We must remember that food is good.  Eating is good. Filling up is good. Living a life of just barely getting enough or striving to not be too much or eat too much is a recipe for living a half-eaten life.

Check out my Psych Central pieces on feeling overwhelmed and connecting to our inner wisdom.

What has been inspiring you lately? How did you take care of yourself this week? How will you take care of yourself today?

Body Image Boosters From The Blogosphere 10.20.12

Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

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