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Last week, in this post, I shared Stacy London’s latest book The Truth About Style, which is part memoir, part style guide. Today, I wanted to share some quotes from her book on looks, flaws and self-care.

I love collecting inspiring quotes because even as a body image blogger, I find myself needing positive reminders.

We all have bad days. Days when we need a gentle reminder that the inner critic is wrong. Days when we can’t give ourselves that reminder.

Maybe we’re too overwhelmed from the onslaught of negative thoughts. Maybe we’re simply too exhausted. So let’s let someone else do that.

On aging:

Stop being mad about aging. There’s no point. What are you going to do about it? Commission a portrait that gets old while you don’t? (I can tell you, that story does not end well.) Look at every stage of life as an opportunity to reinvent your style, and as its own unique opportunity, period. It’s a new reason to get busy with yourself. You may no longer be the cute girl, but get to know this kickass woman, now. She’s got something new to offer you and those around her — just as she did in her twenties, thirties, forties, etc.

On not being “cute”:

You haven’t been, for a long, long time by now. Cute isn’t cute after twelve…You are not cute, no. But you’re many other — amazing — things. It’s a bad idea to define yourself by what you’re not, anyway. So these are your options: Either be “not cute” or be elegant, sophisticated, chic, stylish, sexy and strong. Hmmm. Tough call? Oh, please …

On feeling guilty about self-care:

…Logically, though, guilt has to be the most useless emotion known to womankind. Taking time for oneself is essential for a mother, wife, woman, and human. No one will accuse you of selfishness or think that leaving the house for an exercise class means you don’t care about your children’s welfare. (And if someone did? What a miserable bitch she must be.) The “I’m last” mind-set makes it easy for moms to lose themselves. They don’t even realize they’re doing it. Most of the time they don’t even realize they’re last.

On your reflection:

…Notice, don’t judge. Noticing is just seeing what’s there. Our judgment of it is what blinds us. The thick waist, big hips, small shoulders, anything, is not a flaw. It just is.

No matter how much you subjectively love or hate your shape, it’s still the same body you’re going to wake up with each morning. Stop exhausting yourself hoping, wishing, praying to be someone different, and take pleasure in knowing that you are who you are, in all your fabulous uniqueness…Go about the business of working with that real body to create a style you love and can love your shape in.

If Stacy’s words resonate with you, write them down in your journal or post them somewhere visible. Take just one sentence that really speaks to you. Or take a few minutes out of your day to search for quotes that inspire you — quotes that serve as your gentle reminders when you need them.

What is your favorite inspiring quote? What do you think about Stacy’s words?