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Body Image Boosters From The Blogosphere 8.26.12

A positive body image goes beyond liking your looks. It encompasses taking good care of yourself and leading a fulfilling life. In this new series, I’m sharing some of my favorite posts from my some of my favorite bloggers on just that. Hope you find these links inspiring, too!

The media can be brutal on our body image. But becoming a clever consumer can help. One way is to take a peek at how certain standards and products have evolved. Golda has written a super interesting and surprising post about diets and deodorants.

Another way is to try an all-out media fast — for a few days.

Sometimes finding a solution isn’t the answer. Sometimes a nap and some soothing are.

A beautiful and important lesson in listening to your body and prioritizing self-care.

If you knew no one was watching, what would you do right now? OK, what a powerful question, right?

We’re often so much nicer to others than we are to ourselves. And we fixate, we hyper-focus on our supposed flaws, and think other people are just better than as. But what if you started viewing yourself as your ally, your good friend? I also love what Jenn Gibson has to say about comparison-making in the same post:

We all wake up with sleep lines on our faces and crusties in our eyes.
We all leave dishes unwashed and laundry sitting in a pile. (And we all do the sniff test from time-to-time.)
We all lose our tempers and snap at our partners, kids, lovers, friends, parents.
We all forget to respond to emails or pick things up at the store.
We all feel grumpy and whiny and pissy and PMS-y sometimes.
We all get runs in stockings or miss a row of hair when we shave our legs.

We are all gorgeous, vibrantly, vitally human.

We probably all know that being a people-pleaser isn’t helpful for a positive body image or great self-care. But for many of us, it’s really hard to say no. Really hard. Yet boundaries are a boon for our well-being. That’s why I love Justine Musk’s post on a whopping 76 ways to say no. It’s the perfect cheat-sheet. (And really funny!)

5 small ways to create your own happiness.

When we’re knee-deep in a negative body image, we can forget how beautiful life is. We can forget to be present and to play. Here’s a good reminder.

What body positive posts have you read this week? What’s your favorite way to boost your body image?  

Body Image Boosters From The Blogosphere 8.26.12

Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

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