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A positive body image goes beyond liking your looks. It encompasses taking good care of yourself and leading a fulfilling life. In this new series, I’m sharing some of my favorite posts from my some of my favorite bloggers on just that. Hope you find these links inspiring, too!

One idea that sabotages our path to a positive body image is that you must exercise in order to eliminate the calories you’ve consumed. That this should be your number one priority. It’s a common belief perpetuated by our society. But this is such a narrow and damaging view. (Not to mention a dangerous slippery slope for those of us who are vulnerable to disordered eating issues.) As Michelle of “The Fat Nutritionist” says in her excellent, spot-on post (seriously, please read the entire thing; it’s amazing!):

Eating and moving: your right to exist, and a world in which to exist. They are not rivals. They do not annihilate each other. They collaborate to make a whole person, body and soul.

Ashley of “Nourishing the Soul” is featuring a fantastic writing series. What are your thoughts on beauty and the pace of your life?

Playfulness is an Antidote to Fear.” (Love this!)

What are the subtle ways that you’re undermining yourself on a daily basis?”

Always remember, it’s not you; it’s the clothes. Written by the always wise Sally of “Already Pretty” in this post. (Stay tuned this week for my interview with her!):

Clothes should fit you, you needn’t fit them. The styles, shapes, and specific garments that slide onto your gorgeous form and make you grin at your radiant reflection? Those are the ones that deserve the honor of bedecking your bod. Don’t let ill-fitting clothing convince you that you’re wrong or strange. You are not wrong. The clothes are wrong, and if they don’t love your every nook and cranny they don’t deserve to hang in your closet or adorn your frame.

It’s surprising but oftentimes feeling your feelings can be easier than avoiding them (which usually just makes them balloon into a big monster). As Anna of “Curvy Yoga” writes in this post:

To me, what is yogic is staying present with my feelings as they arise. Because what I’ve noticed is that if I stay right here with them, they come and go rather quickly. I think I’ve heard that it’s something short like a minute or a minute and a half that we have to endure them if we don’t go to one of our avoidance tactics.

3 straightforward steps for quieting your inner critic.
Meditating is incredibly beneficial for our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. But what is it exactly? How do you start? I interviewed an expert who simplifies the process and gives some great advice in this piece.

What body positive posts have you read this week? What’s your favorite way to boost your body image?