Today, I’m pleased to present part one of my interview with Kimberly Riggins, author of the boldly titled book Love Your Naked Ass: 80 Gentle Ways to Transform Your Life, Restore Your Serenity & Rediscover HappinessIn it, she includes 80 action steps that helped her heal her body image issues.

Below, Kimberly shares what a positive body image means to her. She also gives her six tips for developing a healthy body image and cultivating self-love.

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Q: What does a positive body image mean to you? 

A: To me, having a positive body image means embracing all of your parts, both inside and out.

It means taking the time to get to know yourself—your “raw” self. Being able to stand in front of a mirror naked and smile back at what you see. Noticing those lines, wrinkles and marks and rather than dwell on how imperfect they are, find ways to see the beauty in them.

For instance, if you think your derriere is too big, why not kindly look at it as “sexy and curvy.” If you think your abdominals are flabby, bless them for being “soft and sensual.” Instead of condemning your crow’s feet, why not welcome them as signs that you have lived a life full of laughter.

Having a positive body image means you are in love with your body and with yourself. You care for your body, fuel it properly, show it the respect it deserves, and pamper the heck out of it. You talk to yourself kindly, forgive yourself when necessary and give yourself well-deserved pats on the back.

Q: What are your favorite ways to cultivate a positive body image every day?

A: I love this question. I have so many fun ways to cultivate a positive body image and to promote self-love. I will give you my top six.

1. Get Naked. Yes, truly get naked. Get undressed and walk around the house nude. Watch your favorite sitcom, fold the laundry, or eat dinner naked. The point is to get comfortable in your birthday suit and the way it feels exposed. Being comfortable in your own skin truly helps you love your body.

2. Move and Groove. There is nothing better than getting your booty in motion to show your body you care. I’m not suggesting you have to do militant exercise unless that is your thing but I am saying get off the couch and move. Turn on some music and dance like no one is watching, go for a run or a walk through the park, grab a jump rope, take a yoga or Pilates class, or get on your bike and hit the trails. Staying active is not only good for your body but it is also great for your mind.

3. Find Your Daily Om. Finding time to be silent and to give your body some meditative rest is a great way to cultivate body love. You do not have to do this for hours. Just five to 10 minutes each morning will suffice. Practice becoming one with your breath and before you go about your day, set an intention on how you are going to show up in the world.

4. Indulge Every Day. Feed your body nourishing, delightful things…this could include healthy foods, your favorite treat, but could also include foot soaks, warm luxuriating baths, steamy hot showers and lathering your favorite lotion into your skin.

5. Show Yourself Some Appreciation. Every morning upon waking I go to the mirror and tell my body and myself how amazing I think I am. Usually it goes something like, “Hi Kimberly, have I told you lately that I love you? You are so special, unique and beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.” Okay, I know that might sound cheesy to you but it works. So create your own version of appreciating yourself.

6. Go on a ME Date. A me date is when you literally take yourself out on a date. Just you. Shower yourself with love and fun and stop waiting for someone else to do it for you. Go to that 5-star restaurant for lunch, treat yourself to that iced latte at the bookstore as you page through your favorite magazine, get a massage, manicure or pedicure…the idea is to have fun and do something you love.

More About Kimberly: 

Kimberly Riggins is a body image & self-love expert. She is the CEO of Kimberly Riggins International, the author of the inspirational book, Love Your Naked Ass and the creator of the upcoming program, The Ravishing Renegade where she helps women slash through the jungle to DISCOVER self-love. She is also currently working on a philanthropy mission called “The Watch Her Thrive Project,” where she will publish a collaborative book and hold a wine + chocolate soiree in honor of Women for Women International. If you are in need of a self-love boost, take The Love Your Naked Ass Dare…it’s free! You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

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