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Body Image

Living The Life You Want – Weight Loss Not Required

{via etsy by Tracey Capone}
I've written before on Weightless about the importance of not waiting to live your life until you've lost a certain amount of weight and gotten back into your skinny jeans. (By the way, I hate when commercials say that.)

The beauty about life is that you can start living it. Right now. With zero prerequisites.

I was reminded of this yesterday when Mara, one of...
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Binge Eating

End Emotional Eating: Identifying Your Feelings

As clinical psychologist Jennifer L. Taitz, , writes in her book, End Emotional Eating, enjoying food during a difficult time is perfectly OK.

However, when we start to regularly depend on food to manage our feelings it becomes a problem. Distracting yourself with food basically tells you that "You can't cope," she writes. And this can kick-start and maintain your cycle of emotional eating.

Food doesn't help you honor your feelings or figure...
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Disordered Eating

The 2 Key Steps I Took In My Bulimia Recovery

{via etsy by Patricia Henderson}

Today I'm honored to present an inspiring and empowering guest post by Shaye Boddington, a 26-year-old woman who's recovered from bulimia after a 12-year struggle. Below, she shares how she finally found help, overcame the shame of the disorder, and the two important steps that contributed to her recovery.
My bulimia recovery. Wow, it was a roller coaster for sure - such a...
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Body Image Boosters

Body Image Booster: Draw Your Heart Out

According to Deborah Putnoi, in her book, The Drawing Mind: Silence Your Inner Critic and Release Your Creative Spirit, " engaging a part of yourself -- part of your brain -- through drawing, you will discover new things about yourself, your connection with yourself, and your world."

The Drawing Mind is open, curious and nonjudgemental. Connecting to that part of ourselves can help to improve a negative body image,...
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Eating & Dieting

Celebrate International No Diet Day!

Today is International No Diet Day. To celebrate, I'm reposting last year's piece on everything from the cons of dieting to my experiences with dieting to how you can spend the day. I hope you find it helpful, and celebrate along with me!
Dieting is not only unhealthy, but it makes us deeply distrust ourselves. Which I think is one of the saddest consequences.

That’s why I’m thrilled to highlight International No Diet Day – which is today!...
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Eating & Dieting

Slow Eating Challenge: Ideas On Eating Mindfully

We're a fast-paced culture that tends to rush through our days in the name of productivity. We also have different types of technology at our disposal most minutes of the day, so we're usually tuned in while we do everything.

Eating is a common activity that gets rushed. Or even if we take our time, we eat while doing everything else, including watching TV, talking on the phone, reading or working. (When I'm eating...
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Eating & Dieting

How To Finally Stop Dieting: Part 2 With Deb Burgard

{via etsy by Katerina}

Yesterday, Deb Burgard shared her eye-opening insight on dieting and the idea that ditching dieting leads to out-of-control eating. (It doesn't.)

Often, the hardest part about giving up dieting is its allure (even though many of us realize that it's a false and fake one). The allure of attractiveness, happiness, health, success. The allure of a better and more exciting life.

Today, Burgard talks...
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Eating & Dieting

The Big Myth About Ditching Dieting: Q&A With Deb Burgard

{Deb Burgard; love this picture!}

There's a common myth in our society that if we don't diet, we'll pillage our pantries and eat everything in sight.

We're taught that dieting is a must. That it's the only way to truly be healthy. That it's vital in order to keep ourselves in line. That we'll become good girls and boys who eat good things.

We're taught that food rules are important, and even mandatory. We need...
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