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Archives for March, 2012

Binge Eating

Experts On Body Image, Binge Eating & Building A Healthy Relationship With Food

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One of the best parts about writing Weightless is getting to talk to so many different people that are doing amazing work. I love sharing interviews with you, because I love sharing valuable insight and recovery tools.

There's plenty of inaccurate and damaging information out there, particularly about body image and disordered eating. So I especially like to include interviews that shatter common myths and genuinely offer...
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Body Image

Teen Week: What I’d Tell My Younger Self About Body Image & Life

I'm honored to be participating in Mara's Teen Week: Words That Heal, an annual blog series where bloggers reveal their experiences with body image, sexuality, and self-esteem during their teen years.
I've talked before about my sad body image as a teen. My negative body image was intertwined with my low self-esteem and shaky sense of self. (Clearly, a winning combination.)

Thankfully, many years later, I've learned a thing or two. And I'm...
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50 Things To Do Besides Read Women’s Magazines & Worry About Your Weight

A few days ago, I was writing a piece on body appreciation for Psych Central. I shared activities from a helpful book called Five Good Minutes in Your Body: 100 Mindful Practices to Help You Accept Yourself & Feel At Home in Your Body by Jeffrey Brantley, , and Wendy Millstine,

One of their tips is to take a media break. That made me think about how easy it is to spend many minutes or even hours reading women's magazines and doing other things...
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Fighting Weight Stigma & Finding Self-Acceptance: Part 2 With Deah Schwartz

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Yesterday, I introduced you to Deah Schwartz, an author and ardent supporter of  Health At Every Size. She challenges our society's narrow standards of beauty and health and helps people develop healthier relationships with food, their bodies and themselves.

Below, Schwartz talks all about weight stigma and what we can do to fight it. She also offers fantastic advice on navigating the negative media we're exposed to...
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Body Image

Making Peace With Our Bodies: Q&A With Deah Schwartz

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Today, I'm thrilled to present part one of my interview with Deah Schwartz. Schwartz is the author of the syndicated blog, Dr. Deah’s Tasty Morsels, which focuses on self acceptance, Health At Every Size, developing healthier relationships with food and physical activity and challenging cultural definitions of beauty.

She's also the co-author of the “Leftovers Workbook/DVD set,” a unique expressive arts therapy curriculum for...
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