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This week was all about resolutions. So today I’m continuing with that theme by sharing more inspiration for setting intentions in 2012.

But please don’t feel any pressure to create goals in the New Year. Life is all about finding what works for you and listening to your heart.

I just love the idea of setting an intention, because like I said yesterday, it serves as my little compass, guiding my decisions and direction in life. It helps remind me of what’s important to me and what I truly want.

Some of these links are directly about body image while others aren’t. Either way, what I love about them is that there’s no weight-loss goals in sight. There’s no “work out five times a week ’til you break your back” or “how to shame yourself into skinny jeans.” These are substantial, meaty, meaningful intentions.

I hope they inspire you to figure out how you’d like to spend 2012.

  • Why I’m Dropping the Fight to Love My Body: Anna writes about dropping the fight and choosing a gentler intention for 2012, which she encapsulates in one word. I really love the idea of one-word intentions. They’re simple and yet so powerful. By the way, Anna is curating a book of curvy yogis and their stories. Learn more here if you’d like to participate. It sounds fantastic.
  • The Word: Here, Susannah also shares her word for 2012 and reminisces about her past intentions.
  • Thoughts from 2011: I love Joy’s “Monday Morning Spark” videos where she shares a thoughtful idea or activity. In this video, Joy reflects on 2011 and provides a slideshow of her wise words. This video isn’t just thought-provoking; it’s also uplifting. A must-watch.
  • Please Don’t Fix Yourself: Jess reminds us what resolutions are really all about, and fixing yourself has nothing to do with them.
  • Why Resolutions To Diet Or Lose Weight Don’t Work: Just in case you missed it, this is one of my posts from a few weeks ago. Here, Rachel and Joy explain how these kinds of resolutions are actually ineffective.
  • 9 Tips for Setting Authentic New Year’s Resolutions: Rachel and Joy share more of their wisdom about creating meaningful goals for 2012.
  • A Year to Live: Rachel helps us ponder these powerful questions: “If 2012 were your final year on earth, how would you live? Where would you take your life? What would you let go of? What would you add?” And I love her answer.

What have you read on resolutions that’s had an impact on you?