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Yesterday, I talked about some of my favorite books on body image. Today, I’d like to celebrate my two years of writing Weightless by sharing 10 of my favorite posts from way back when.

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1. 7 Signs Your Body Image is Bruised (and 5 Solutions)

This is the post that started it all.

2. Why it’s Time to Change Our Thinking About Weight: Q&A with Linda Bacon, Part 1 and Part 2

Like I said yesterday, Linda Bacon’s book Health At Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight really had an impact on how I view health. I love the Health At Every Size movement, and in this Q&A Bacon debunks so many pervasive (and egregious) myths about health, weight and dieting.

3. Do Your Friends Dictate Your Body Image ? (And 8 Tips to Help)

I’m proud of this post because it’s fairly comprehensive and touches on an important topic. Whether we realize it or not, our friends do affect our perspectives, habits and mood. And what our friends say to us also holds a lot of weight. That’s why it’s so important to keep supportive, positive and kind people by our side.

4. When Your Self-Worth is Wrapped Around Your Weight and 7 Ways to Unwrap It

Here, I got really personal about my own struggles with my body and shaky self-esteem. Writing this post was therapeutic and it gave me the chance to share some helpful tools with readers, too.

5. A Body Image Confession

This was another hard post to write because it was deeply personal. But I’m so glad I did. I was honest with you guys about how I was feeling about my body (i.e., not so good) and what I was going to do to emerge from my body blues.

6. 5 Lessons I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Body Image Blogger

I seriously learn something new each week writing Weightless. In this post, I summarized a few of the lessons I’d learned thus far thanks to many fantastic bloggers, psychologists and authors.

7. The Voice of an Eating Disorder & 7 Ways to Shut It Up

One of my goals with Weightless is to give readers tips and tools to help them recover from body image issues and eating disorders. I’ve been able to connect with so many amazing women who’ve recovered from eating disorders and have become advocates (including Shannon Cutts, who’s founder of MentorCONNECT and authors the excellent blog Mentoring & Recovery on Psych Central). In this post, I shared advice from several of these women on silencing the insidious ED voice.

8. Women’s Magazines & Why I Hate the Word ‘Willpower’

I’ve written several posts about the subtle and hit-you-over-the-head disparaging and damaging advice in women’s magazines. Their words and images do shape us. For instance, I seriously used to think that I had to diet, that I had to restrict my food, I had to count calories and I had to watch my weight thanks to these publications. These messages play a pivotal role in how we view ourselves and our bodies — if we let them. The key is to get informed and pick apart their messages.

9. What Lurks Behind Your Obsession with Food & Emotional Eating

I’ve said before – many times – how much I love Geneen Roth’s Women, Food and God. Her wise words inspired this post, and helped me dig deeper to see what really underlies our obsessions with food and emotional eating. This may not be the case for everyone, of course, but I could relate to her writing so much.

10. Body Image & Weight Loss: What Are You Waiting For?

This post is one of the things that Weightless stands for. That the number on the scale and the size of your clothing don’t need to dictate your self-esteem or how you lead your life. That you can accomplish anything and everything you want without losing that last five, 10 or 50 pounds. That you can be happy and healthy right now as you are.

What other topics would you like to see on Weightless? What questions do you have about body image, dieting, weight, eating disorders and similar subjects?